Last Updated: 2005/03/26
Saturday, March 26, 2005: Since most of the updates are taking place on the livejournal, this space will soon be used exclusively for screenshots of the SDK. One of the things that we need to add will be handling of already altered clusters.ini files... Currently, the SDK ignores commented lines. This will cause an issue, if another user wants to "revive" one of the disabled (commented) systems. On that note, check:  LiveJournal dot com / ~ tech2kjason. for more frequent updates.
Friday, March 04, 2005
Crap! Another month has gone by... The LiveJournal is a little bit more active, but anyway. Without looking at the Livejournal, I'm still in the process of rewriting some of the core components (necessary, to correct several catastophic bugs). The delay is due to the classic "cascading" effect: "Fixed this, but now that's not right" type stuff. Of course the relatively undocumented (code breaking) changes that Microsoft has made to the DirectX SDK is rather annoying... Note to MS: When changing API's, LEAVE THE DAMN LIST OF CHANGES IN EACH SUBSEQUENT RELEASE OF THE SAME SERIES SDK... For those that don'e know, MS changed some API's between the DX9.0, DX9.0a, DX9.0b, DX9.0c... But the list of changes are only mentioned for what's changed since the last release. ie: 9.0b lists changes made since 9.0a, but you have to dig through archives to find out what changed from 9.0 to 9.0a. The real codebreakers came between 9.0a and 9.0c, but 9.0c's SDK only lists what's new. It doesn't mention what's missing\changed since THE FIRST RELEASE OF THE 9.0 series of the SDK. In a word... MICROSOFT IS A PAIN THE ASS!!!
<stress relief mode off>

Okay, still recoding, and adding additional bindings from the modified core to the GUI interface. Check the LiveJournal/~tech2kjason, for more frequent updates.
Sunday, January 09, 2005: Well, After being away, for over a year... I'm getting back into the swing of things. Just rediscovered the old stomping grounds, and got caught up on whats been happening.

The status of the SDK? Gearing back up to production mode (as of 2004\12\02). The original SDK that had reached beta 2.4, and was fully functional, is to be presumed abandoned... As Corland was the only member who had the working project, its code can no longer be acquired, since Corland is serving active combat duty overseas. I'm clearing out all references to the original SDK on this site. I already started working on a new version as illustrated by the screenshoot below. Of course, it won't mean too much unless you remember what the original SDK looked like. Will also add a technical reference, so that other developers will be able to port the concept\code to other platforms\languages.

Concerning the Screenshot... The teapot, was merely rendered to test the DirectX viewport. Even though the layout is almost complete, the underlying code and the core-components haven't been sufficiently tied to  corresponding events and handlers for it to be usable yet.
2005-01-30: Okay, the rewrite of the core components has hit a snag... Found a couple of bugs, that have forced me to rework more of code than originally planned. I've also started a LiveJournal, which may be getting more updates than this site. However, keep in mind that there neither site may be updated until after February 15th.
Latest Screenshots of the current build:
DirectX Viewport Test... Successful.
This was just to test the DirectX viewport... Kind of hard to bind the core-components to the rendering engine if you can't see what is being rendered. Work on the bindings will be in full swing once work is completed on the tree-views of the 3 tab controls on the right of the screen. Oh! Ignore the splitter bars surrounding the viewport... Though all of the panes are rezisable, I'll work on smoothing\beautifying the appearance of the GUI at a later stage.