And Much of Madness..." (E.A. Poe) (or the page about Me!)


Me? I am unusual. And understanding me would take a lot of explaining, and I don’t have that much room. So I have filled this page with quotes and pictures. Things that appeal to different sides of me and I feel may give you an idea of who I am. Maybe it will make you less sure of whatever it is you have already accepted me for. Whatever the case, have a look around, and have fun!

I had an unusual upbringing. Daughter of an AF pilot (F-4 Phantom... Daddy was a Weasel!) I was raised in Germany until I was fifteen. So I included a list of bases I have been stationed at, and also the High Schools I attended. And if anyone from any of these places wants to keep in touch, hey! Drop a line!


Spangdahlem, AFB, West Germany

Ramstein, AFB, West Germany

Spangdahlem, AFB, West Germany *ding, round two

Sembach, AFB, West Germany

Langley, AFB, VA

High Schools

Kaiserslautern American High School, Vogelweh, AFB, West Germany (Freshman year 1994-1995)

Tabb High School, Yorktown, VA (Sophomore year 1995-1996)

Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax, VA (Junior/Senior years 1996-1998)

Now I go to Lynchburg College, a tiny private school in VA, which I love. I am a double major (Theatre, and Psychology) and loving both!


Interesting quote: "Envy is Ignorance and Imitation is Suicide" R.W. Emerson

I love all kinds of zany things:

Muppets *Henson was all that was gruvy*

Star Wars, and Star Trek

Men: Ben Affleck, Heath Ledger, Ryan Phillipe, Joseph and Ralph Fiennes, Bruce Willis, Brendan Frasier, Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery. Rowr. They're all on my "To-Do" List..

I love bats (and Batman)


Wombats are shiny creatures

Chocolate should be made its own food group

Movies: Goonies, Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing, anything by Disney, or Quentin Tarantino...**coming soon, a movie page!!**

Fascinated by anything archaic... medieval, or WWII period (so anything from King Arthyr to the B25 Mitchell and the Doolittle raid)

Music: Aerosmith, NIN, original swing (talking like Bing, Frank, or Dick Haymes, not Cherry Poppin' Daddies)



 Nudder interesting quote: "Sometimes I'm good but when I'm bad I'm even better" Steven Tyler

Some thoughts to ponder:



Quote: "My moral standing is lying down" Trent Reznor

Quote: "No man is worth your tears, and the man who is will never make you cry."


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