My Homepage and Car Modz page
This is my new homepage and a showcase for car modz I've done. A lot of info on cheap mods that have a sweet look.

There are a few places you can buy stuff from to do these mods that you may not even think of. For one, WalMart. That's where I get my paint, light bulbs, and stereo install stuff from.

My cars is a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim and have done minor modifications to it. Here is a small list of what I have done so far.

Red/Black "Type-S" steering wheel cover
15" red neon rod under rear of front seats
Headlight strobes
Custom Civic intake
APC Pedal covers
APC shoulder pads
Wal-Mart CD-Player
Red lighted dice
Hyper-White lights all around
Half-clear corners from earlier acclaims

Here's what I have plans for:
LED windshield squirters
Sound System
APC steering wheel
Euro side-markers
Chrome 17" Rim
Here's the brainz behind the operation
My Favorite Links:
JCWhitney Sport Compact
Asylum Motorsports
My Info:
AIM: hkystreetrcr