Pictures I loved to draw when I was a kid, and as such I love animation. There are a few cartoon shows that I have watched religiously over the years. There are two types of cartoons that I like: those shows that have eye-poping visuals and complex stories and those with irreverent humor. Therefore, I have watched movies like Ghost in the Shell and Akira many times over.

As for funny shows, there are no shows that can compare to Family Guy in terms of its sharp satire. If you ever watched this show, you will know that it contains endless scenes of slapstick humor where a character would get hit by a truck and acts to that effect. For some weird reason, I like to freeze frame the moment of impact so to speak. In a live action movie, there is nothing inherently funny about this, but in a cartoon, I find these freeze frames hysterical. The reason is in a cartoon, each frame has to be drawn by a person. Therefore, there are no accidental frames in cartoon. I am interested in how an artist would draw such a split-second moment, a moment that is not seen at normal speed and therefore would be superfluous. But in a cartoon, the artist put in the same labor to draw them as those that are "regular" frames or stills as in the lingo of animation.

Therefore, the followings are screen captures of freeze frames of Family Guy where you can actually see what the artist drew, with them knowing that no one will see them at normal speed. I suppose you can call the followings as an exhibition of invisible animation art.

Incidentally, some artists actually have some fun and include some "easter eggs" in these "unseen" frames. The most famous as urban legend of animation goes is in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbitt where as it claims a scene where Jessica Rabbitt was tossed from a car and for one frame her dress lifts up and reveal that she is not wearing any panties. If anyone has a screen capture of this, please email it to me at

In this episode, Brian has superhuman... uh, superdog power and can move really fast. He would use this power to swipe drinks from unsuspecting barflies and show up at a townhall meeting where people are discussing on how to deal with the menace that is the superfamily.

This scene is when Brian convinces Pearl, a shutin former commercial jingle star, to step out of her house, only to be hit by a truck.