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january 6, 05
i have been very busy and because of that i have not had time for hacking games. although i have been busy, i like to try to find time to help out those in need, and, because i have gotten a couple emails asking for help with the ps2 disassembler, i have built a 'ps2dis manual'. its in the h/\ck section... hope you all find it useful.

sorry to say, but what i was working on that i spoke of in the last post, i have had to abandon for lack of time.

lastly for this post, my oldest brothers birthday is the 10th this month... i likely wont be posting anything new within that time, so:
july 26, 04
WOW, its been a REALLY long time since ive updated. but no worries, i JUST added an ALL NEW HACKING TUTORIAL. its based on lists & pointers, and how to swap them out for your desired images/sounds/vids. its a bit advanced, so id recommend reading the MIPS tutorial before reading the new tutorial.

also, i didnt get to post any new codes this update, but vampmaster and i have been working on something REALLY awesome for soul reaver 2. ive got a few small codes up my sleeve, but hopefully i can unveil them with vampmaster's and my new project. we'll see how it goes... until next time...
may 24, 04
today i added three new pix to the anime section. one of inuyasha, one of a girl i named kyokenzo (kyo-ken = 'robust' zo- = 'figure' in japanese), and another of raziel. the raziel pic actually took a LONG time to do. not only is the real pic big, its pretty detailed. plus, the first time i drew it, it was off center on the paper, plus my cat walked on it with muddy feet and left his paw prints all over it. so i had to ink-up the back of the pick and trace over it onto a new page, then go over it again on the new page. but it turned out great and is now on my wall with a lot of my other pix.

ive been being really lazy with the hacking, plus ive been playing the .hack series. on top of that, i was working on C++ chapter 4 for my other site, infocatDN, but i promise to get a couple new codes up soon. and for a bonus for my fans, ill try to get a new hacking tutorial up as well. thanx for paying me a visit... till next time.
may 6, 04
i FINALLY found someone with a ps2HDD who could test my kingdom hearts 'install' code (thanx Rodney). the actions he got from the code were identical to that of which i got... so the 'install' option is thus far useless and doesnt work with either a memory card or a ps2HDD. check it out in the kingdom hearts section.

also, i further researched blincs soul reaver 2's 'possess code' (and his 'glyph' code very little)... ill post it and a couple of my new codes next update. check back soon for the goodies.
april 18, 04
this update wasnt big, but was a good one none the less. i added a page on MIPS assembly in the ps2 hacking section. it should help a lot with beginner hackers understanding of the code they see when opening a slus file in the ps2dis.

i also added a great new code for defiance. an 'instant win' code which allows you to instantly beat the game. check it out.
april 9, 04 x2
i just added 2 new images to the anime section. one is a picture of raziel i drew while looking at the same image on a screen... the second image is a picture that compares my final raziel image to the image i was looking at when i drew it. all in all, i wasnt to pleased with the result once i compared them... the concept image i was looking at turned out to be a lot better than mine (but i guess thats why the artists get paid for their art, right???). i was, however, very pleased with the result without comparing the two... so i added both for everyone to look at to come to their own conclusion. enjoy!!!
april 9, 04
april 2, 04
today i added a hacking section on joker commands.

also, yesterday was my mommas birthday... her birthday is on april fools day, how cool is that. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!!
march 29, 04
today i added a binary tutorial under the h/\ck section in accordance with the hex tutorial.

also, there is a joker command section soon to come. check back in a couple days for help with jokers if you so desire.
march 28, 04
yesterday i got a new amp for my guitar. my left fingers hurt like mad (i hadnt played the guitar for almost a year until yesterday... then i played all day).

also, yesterday was my good friend Will's birth day... HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!!!

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