Document Transcription


Technical DT is a document transcription service provider.  We specialize in legal transcription, word processing and converting documents into PDF and ORC formats.


Technical DT can provide the office assistance you require with out the need onsite secretarial staff.


Technical DT will take your dictation tapes and produce your documents in whatever word processing format you require.


Technical DT can help you get the work done without the need for another desk, another computer and without the expense of source deductions.


Are your files and reference materials taking up vital office space?


Technical DT can convert your files and reference material into PDF and OCR format allowing you to store your documents on CD,  which will allow you maximize your office space.


Converting your files to PDF and OCR can save you the cost of off site storage.


Our mission is provide a quality legal transcription, word processing and conversion service at a reasonable price, allowing our customers the ability to reach their potential.

Confidential and Accurate

Technical DT Inc.