Technically Naked

Technically Naked

These pages are an extension of Oonagh's Own, and are dedicated to the hidden treasures that help give women's bodies of the 16th century shape and form.

My particular focus is mid to late 16th century Venice, but not restricted to that alone.

The title of this page comes from a conversation with mia raggazo.  He had helped me to escape from one of my Venetian ensembles when I was standing there in my C16 Venetian undies when I announced that I was 'technically naked'.  He laughed because I was still fully covered and suggested that this could be a good title for a web page.  So here it is.

Gruesome Truth

Gruesome Collegium

Underwear Collegium (class notes)


Elusive Smock

Under Skirt







Extant Pieces




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