POWER IC Drops in  QUALITY!!!!!!
Pictured Above and below are 2 SU-G70 Amplifiers, the one above has Technics Original SVI3206A ant The one below has Techncs "new breed" (cheaper) IC and its not just making the different casing, Theyre shrinking on performance, and in the case of the SVI2004 they ABOLISHED the final Synchro-Bias stage in the C version!!! sad but true Technics just do not make them like they used to. Hence their `80s amps are alot better. I have Reverse Engineered theese ICs. Here they are :) Pinout/Schematics For SVI2003 SVI2003A SVI2004 SVI2004A SVI2004B SVI2004C SVI 3100 SVI3101 SVI3102 SVI3102A SVI3102B RSN3502 & SVI3200 SVI3201 SVI3202 SVI3203 SVI3203A SVI3204 SVI3204A SVI3205 SVI3205A SVI3205B SVI3206 SVI3206A SVI3206C
SVI2004C - oh dear where DID they go? - blockslide caused be no final bias regulation
SVI2004A - note greeen output resistors & Synchro-Bias Stage between the Power Trannies