hvac software


Dynamic psychrometric chart
Graphical psychrometric for any temperature range and barometric pressure. Add air states and processes to the chart. The program calculates full air state and duty.
PsyChart, DutyCalc, ACSpec


Cooling and Heating coil design
Auto size coils for specified duty or calculate duty of given coil.


Airhandler and fan-coil unit selection
Select any airhandler or fan-coil.
aPac, FCU


Refrigeration cycle designer
Design any vapor compression refrigeration system.
RefSim, CondUnit, CapTube, LineSize


Cold room load calculator
All the tools needed to size cold rooms.
ColdRoom, CoolTime, MollierChart


Room heat load calculator
Heat load includes fabric, people, lights and equipment.
RoomHeat, PeakLoad, SolarAngles, Silencer


Duct network design, pricing and planning
Design ducting systems using equal friction, static regain or velocity methods.
DuctNet, DuctMate, DuctPricer, QuickDuct
, DuctView


Pump sizing in water circuit
Pipe network design. Chilled water systems. Includes fittings.
PipeNet, PipeFlow, Water, Moody

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