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Also check satellite.htm;O=D;O=D Land Rapid Response imagery yearly data International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) FAA International Flight Information ICAO Location Finder United Nations Joint Logistics Center How to decode METAR or SPECI and TAF International Flight Folder Products
      CHARTS - Wind and Temperature ICAO AREA D
      SIGMETs (International Destinations)
      CHARTS - Significant Weather (SIGWX) TAFs and METARs - Enter 4-letter ICAO station identifier scroll to International Weather Conditions FOREIGN TEMPERATURE AND WEATHER TABLE [00Z and 12Z]
or or wind wind Radiosonde Database Access wind wind


Iran, Israel and Iraq Weather Iran Meteorological Organization Iran Meteorological Organization Israel Meteorological Service accumulated rainfall Israeli Meteorological Stations (not belonging to the Meteorological Service) Israel [censored during the Iraq war]
? [censored during the Iraq war] Jerusalem Weather Europe Lightning Map Saudi Arabia and Middle East weather [some U.S. IP blocking] enhanced sat image Turkey Jordan Weather Charts from Iran Middle East satellite image Persian Gulf Marine Forecast Bahrain Radar Qatar Marine Forecast Oman click on IODC for Meteosat-7 Meteosat-7 InSat select Meteosat-8 Sector 3 Meteosat-8 Meteosat-8 Meteosat-8 [## = 00 or 06 or 12 or 18];O=D;O=D;O=D;O=D;O=D;O=D [
censored beginning in 2005] SW Asia satellite images IR visible Middle East satellite image

ORBI or ORBS = Baghdad International and ORMM = Basra International Baghdad Terminal Area Forecast
or [censored since 2003] [censored since 2000] Kuwait Terminal Area Forecast Kuwait Kuwait Baghdad Bashra Kuwait Baghdad Bashra select Middle East Baghdad Bashra 8 to 15 day Forecast for: BAGHDAD 8 to 15 day Forecast for: BASRA Baghdad Bashra Baghdad Basra,IQ&pid=weatherbase Baghdad Climatology

Afghanistan Weather Climatology for Afghanistan and Surrounding Areas Afghanistan Weather and Climate Products INDIA METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT Pakistan Meteorological Department satellite images
Bost/Laskar, Ghurian, Herat, Kabul, Qandahar or

Korea Weather Korea Meteorological Administration or Taiwan - hh dd mm yyyy is in Taipei time IR Japan Meteorological Agency Full Disk NW Quadrant select MTSAT Western Pacific [
censored] National Weather Service, Alaska Region Headquarters

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