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I have finally re-done my webpage.. However, I have decided to change the concept. My page used to be dedicated to Anime and Anime women. It is still going to be dedicated to women, but not Anime women. Rather, it will now be about Asian women. It will have the women which I think are beautiful and they will be only Oriental.. So please don't email me and tell me how I should have this and that or the girls should be naked, because I don't want to hear it.. I like Asians, and I feel they need more promotion on the internet. So, this page is about Asian women.

Also, I am going to try some new things with my page. I am going to have an amateur section. This will be a place where people can send me pictures of the Asian women who they know from their everyday lives, and I will put them up on my page so that all can admire them. I will also take any pictures of famous Asians that people find attractive and I will put them up too. Perhaps in the future, we could have a vote to see who is the most beautiful asian woman. :)

Well, with that off of my chest, what do you say we get going? For those of you who could care less about my page and want only anime, go here -> Anime Web Turnpike.

For the rest of us...

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