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Heya folks!.
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Glad you could make it. This site is dedicated to the furthering of:
Antiracism, culture, and hopefully reading.

Love and learning see no color; help spread:

I'm always looking for new info and links, so if you run across something as you wander the hallowed halls of cyberspace and you think it really needs to be here, drop me a line and let me know.

The man who is a bigot

is the worst thing God has got;

Except his match, his woman

who really is Ms Begot

---Maya Angelou

'Tis better to be hated

for who you are

than loved

for who you

are not.

Wander by this site as soon as you can:

Stop The Hate Org.

Finally Updated!

The Wedding Album

It's taken a couple of months for us to get some of the pictures scanned from the rehearsal & wedding. What's here is only a small sample; but as we get more scanned I'll post them. Check them out, and come back soon for more.

African-American Female Inventors page -- great info!

More women inventors

Mae Jemison, the First Female African-American Astronaut

Below you'll find an assortment of links for Cultural and Language information, AntiRacism links, links to Female Authors both on the internet and in your local bookstore (and if they're not in your local bookstore, ask you bookstore to stock them!) and links to various Jazz and Blues sites on the web. There's also links to Japanese Tattooing and other things you shouldn't miss. Each of the pages below has a main focus; check out the ones that interest you, and if you're in the mood to learn some new things check out the others as well. Happy hunting!

Some great links:

In the interest of helping my website load more quickly, I've given my Antiracism and Culture links, my Jazz & Blues links, my Female Authors links and my Japanese Tattooing information their own pages. Each page has a wide variety of both entertainment and cultural information sites, so take a few minutes and wander through. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me.

Antiracism and Cultural websites and Information Links Page

Jazz & Blues - Dip in!

Female Authors on Paper and on the Web

This page focuses mainly on female authors who write with a cultural focus

Interested in Japanese Style Tattooing?

Visit my Tattoo Page

Stop the violence. Break the silence.

Email me at in the meantime.
Please come back soon and see what's

As many folks have let me know, the old guestbook code wasn't working any more. I have installed the new code below; so please take a second and sign the book! Also, if you've been by and tried before, it should be up and running now.

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The Intercultural Communication Webring is a linked list of sites
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