Hi and welcome to my site man! Im sorry but i have to put something about sounds on here as well! Because they kick ass! soon i will have sample mixes and all sorts just when i can be arsed to do so untill then you will have to wait!:) I get all my sounds from Napster, acually to be honist i get them from wherever ther are! but mostly from napster, I like all kinds of music Dance, hard-house, hardcore, slowies, house, genrally all kinds and for some reason i find myself finding Pink Floyd so amazing! Especially there albums "Dark Side of the Moon", "Wish you were Here" and "The Wall".:) Luv ya!
Don't click me nither!!

I just though that i would tell you a little about me (not to much though:) I live in the UK, I am 17 and studying Installing I.T., I like Music, programming, and yes computing, I also love my friends! Latley though I feel I have been a bit of a shit head to them but I'm beginning to get myself together now and I hope everything works out, I like a little of drawing to although I can't draw that good, I dont like any sports, actually I'm quite boring towards sports, I have Brown (ish) blond hair and blue eyes, my favourite color is Gold! I dont know why it is! I love to have a laugh but I'm told I go "over the top" but never mind, I dont have that many hobbies, just computing and lisening to music, I watch film's too, I love The Matrix and The Royale Famaly.. Ok I'll shut up now, Anyway thats all your getting k?:) Luv ya!

Wile you was browsing though my webpage I had a quick look at you'r Hard Drive and theres some good stuff on there, but dont worry, I dident take anything!!

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By Mike Rowlands