The injured. 26th Sept 2003
The injured. On 26th Sept 2003 
Q&A (04-Oct-2003)





What happen?
During a training in Taiwan, I fall while climbing down a hill.

What injuries you sustain?
A broken wrist now cast with 3 nails inside, and some minor bruise and cuts.

How long will you be resting?
14 days MC / ATTC (will be extending)
61 days excuse physical training.

So how long will you recover?
Cast will be remove after 6 weeks, the nails are up to the doctor to update me. So at least 2 months perhaps?

Q&A (20-Oct-2003)
  Ok what happen this time?
Taiwan surgery did not do a good job in put my hand back, is not in place.... it's misplaced... it need redo.... SIAN~!!

Wah~ then how?
Remove of "made in Taiwan", insert "welcome Singapore", instead of 3 K-wire, now I got 4 wires plus 2 metal plates I guess. wolverine.....

Monday to Thursday operation was done on Tuesday.

Hmmmmmm..... 4 plus 2 metal plates all compact into my right wrist... make a guess?

Ouch... So how long will you be resting?
Till 2nd of Nov. Might be extending....



Q&A (19-Nov-2003)
  MC extended?
Yup. Till 4 Dec, will be extending cos the doc intend to take my wires out of my wrist on 4th.... Duno wats the out come...
Anything do mail me! I will take extra care of myself next time! :p