Growth Scheme/Strand for HyperStudio
Multidimensional Growth Scheme
Art Tools
Stack Design
Growth Strand
Level 1
Experiments with a  limited number of art tools. Familiar with some objects from prior exposure to HyperStudio stacks 
(ex. buttons, sounds, text, graphics).
Dependent on others’  templates. Exposure to and use of HyperStudio stacks.   Is able to describe basic characteristics of HyperStudio with little, if any, conceptual awareness, and produces  limited initial product with assistance.
Level 2
Uses basic art tools for a specific creative purpose. Creates an object with no additional attributes 
(ex. button with no  sound).
One card. Concepts of cards and stacks.   Begins to demonstrate a conceptual understanding of HyperStudio and independently uses limited skills and knowledge for  stack creation.
Level 3
Adjusts various art tools to meet specific needs. Creates an object with one attribute 
(ex. button with sound).
Linear stack design with little, if any, interaction between cards. Awareness that HyperStudio can be used to receive or present ideas and information.   Recognizes the versatility of HyperStudio and creates stacks with greater interactivity  and more detailed content. Objects, stack design, and content become more complex.
Level 4
Proficient with common art tools skills. Creates objects with more than one attribute 
(ex. button with sound and link).
Non-directional stacks. Awareness that HyperStudio can be used interactively.   Demonstrates conceptual understanding of HyperStudio and applies that knowledge in designing and creating various types of multimediaic stacks.
Level 5
Proficient with all art tools skills. Creates multifunctional objects 
(ex. scripted text field with sound and NBA).
Draws from different designs to choose most appropriate one based on context. If none is found, new design is created. Awareness that HyperStudio is one way of communicating ideas and information and is not always the most appropriate method.   Is able to create stacks of varying complexity  and design, dependent on the context, using any required technical knowledge of art tools and objects.
 copyright 1997 brent phillips