5P00 - Intro to Curriculum  
Computer Experience
Computer Key Teacher

My present role at Heritage Glen P.S. includes leading the Information Technology committee and organizing the maintenance and operation of the 135+ computers at the school. Direction for the allocation of over $4000 in information technology budget money is also my responsibility this year.

My role at Lorne Skuce included helping to support and encourage other staff members in the use of technology in their programmes and in their personal and professional lives. I provided PD for staff at both Lorne Skuce and at other schools. As well, the daily troubleshooting and problem solving with the computers and printers in the school was challenging.

Some of my responsibilities and accomplishments:

  • School web pages
  • Bulk software orders
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Technology fundraisers
  • Computer information reports to staff
  • Hardware and software support for staff
  • Extra teaching to support classroom teachers
  • After school computer club