5P00 - Intro to Curriculum  
Computer Experience
Instructional Committee Leader

In the time that I have been at Heritage Glen P.S. I have organized numerous workshops and have demonstrated leadership through the creation of "Snapshots 2000" in 1999-2000. To celebrate the millennium, all 650 students particpated in this massive multimedia initiative. It was a huge success!

Since my arrival at Lorne Skuce P.S. in 1994 until my departure in 1999, I was the chair of the Instructional Committee. Over the five years we accomplished many objectives such as improving the keyboarding skills of our students, raising almost $10,000 for information technology hardware, software, and supplies, implementing a school-wide HyperStudio Fair each spring, and providing various inservicing for staff.

Each year brought new challenges and goals which we met with enthusiasm and success!