Health and Physical Education
Grade 1: Fundamental Movement Skills
Overall Expectations
•perform the basic movement skills required to participate in physical activities: locomotion/travelling (e.g., galloping, running), manipulation (e.g., throwing, catching), and stability (e.g., jumping, landing);
•demonstrate the principles of movement (e.g., in various directions, alone, with others, at various speeds) using locomotion/travelling, manipulation, and stability skills. 
Specific Expectations
Locomotion/Travelling Skills        
•travel in a variety of ways (e.g., leap, gallop) in different directions in response to signals (e.g., stop or go signals);        
•travel in a variety of ways using different pathways (e.g., straight, curved, or zigzag pathways in creative dance);         
Manipulation Skills        
•throw objects of various sizes and shapes underhand, using one or two hands and large targets (e.g., toss a bean bag through a hoop);        
•catch objects of various sizes, shapes, and textures below the waist and using two hands (e.g., catch a utility or beach ball);        
•bounce, while stationary, a ball with one hand;         
Stability Skills        
•jump forward with control, using a variety of take-offs and landings;        
•demonstrate basic static balances (e.g., stork balance) without equipment;        
•transfer their weight from one body part to another.         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.