Grade 1: Data Management and Probability

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Overall Expectations





• collect and organize categorical primary data and display the data using concrete graphs and pictographs, without regard to the order of labels on the horizontal axis;





• read and describe primary data presented in concrete graphs and pictographs;





• describe the likelihood that everyday events will happen.





Specific Expectations





Collection and Organization of Data





– demonstrate an ability to organize objects into categories by sorting and classifying objects using one attribute (e.g., colour, size), and by describing informal sorting experiences (e.g., helping to put away groceries) (Sample problem: Sort a collection of attribute blocks by colour. Re-sort the same collection by shape.);





– collect and organize primary data (e.g., data collected by the class) that is categorical (i.e., that can be organized into categories based on qualities such as colour or hobby), and display the data using one-to-one correspondence, prepared templates of concrete graphs and pictographs (with titles and labels), and a variety of recording methods (e.g., arranging objects, placing  stickers, drawing pictures, making tally marks) (Sample problem: Collect and organize data about the favourite fruit that students in your class like to eat.).





Data Relationships





– read primary data presented in concrete graphs and pictographs, and describe the data using comparative language (e.g., more students chose summer than winter as their single favourite season);





– pose and answer questions about collected data (Sample problem: What was the most popular fruit chosen by the students in your class?).










– describe the likelihood that everyday events will occur, using mathematical language (i.e., impossible, unlikely, less likely, more likely, certain) (e.g.,“It’s unlikely that I will win the contest shown on the cereal box.”).





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