Health and Physical Education
Grade 2: Fundamental Movement Skills
Overall Expectations
•perform the basic movement skills required to participate in physical activities: locomotion/travelling (e.g., skipping, hopping ), manipulation (e.g., throwing, bouncing), and stability (e.g., balancing, twisting);
•demonstrate the principles of movement (e.g., at various levels, in relationship to equipment, using different body parts) using locomotion/travelling, manipulation, and stability skills.
Specific Expectations
Locomotion/Travelling Skills        
•travel and change from one kind of locomotion/travelling movement to another (e.g., hopping to skipping);        
•travel in a variety of ways, changing pathways and directions (e.g., in creative dance, dances from other countries);         
Manipulation Skills        
•kick a stationary ball, using either foot, to a partner or to a large target;        
•dribble a ball over a short distance, using their feet;        
•bounce a ball while moving, using either hand;         
Stability Skills        
•jump and land safely, using take-off combinations of one or two feet;        
•balance on a variety of body parts, on and off equipment, while stationary and moving (e.g., balancing on a bench without moving, walking forward on a bench);        
•transfer their body weight over low equipment in a variety of ways (e.g., from feet to hands to feet).         
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