Health and Physical Education
Grade 2: Healthy Living
Overall Expectations
•identify healthy eating practices and use a decision-making model to make healthy food choices;
•describe parts of the human body, the functions of these parts, and behaviours that contribute to good health;        
•outline safety rules and safe practices;        
•describe the effects on the body of appropriate and inappropriate uses of medicines.         
Specific Expectations
Healthy Eating        
•identify a balanced diet and apply decision-making skills to create menus for healthy meals;        
•describe the importance of food to the body (e.g., for energy and growth);        
•explain the negative effects of poor nutrition on healthy teeth and the importance of regular brushing and visits to the dentist;         
Growth and Development        
•distinguish the similarities and differences between themselves and others (e.g., in terms of body size or gender);        
•describe how germs are transmitted and how this relates to personal hygiene (e.g., using tissues, washing hands before eating);        
•identify the five senses and describe how each functions;         
Personal Safety and Injury Prevention        
•identify safety rules to be followed in the home, school, and community (e.g., electrical safety, schoolyard rules, bus safety);        
•describe types of verbal and physical violence (e.g., name calling, kicking, hitting);        
•explain the importance of being able to say no to exploitative behaviours (e.g., improper touching), and describe how  to seek help;         
Substance Use and Abuse        
•describe the difference between prescription and non-prescription medicines;        
•outline the safe use of medicines (e.g., the need for an adult to supervise the administration of medicines, taking proper dosages);        
•use decision-making skills to identify healthy alternatives to drug use (e.g., fresh air and exercise can help relieve headaches).         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.