Health and Physical Education
Grade 3: Fundamental Movement Skills
Overall Expectations
•perform the basic movement skills required to participate in physical activities: locomotion/travelling (e.g., dodging, chasing), manipulation (e.g., striking, hitting), and stability (e.g., balancing on equipment, performing rolls);
•demonstrate the principles of movement (e.g., in various body shapes; using sudden, sustained, fast, or slow movements) using locomotion/travelling, manipulation, and stability skills. 
Specific Expectations
Locomotion/Travelling Skills        
•combine various locomotion/travelling movements with changes in direction and level, both with and without equipment (e.g., selecting two ways to travel on a bench while performing a change in direction and level);        
•travel in various ways, and dodge stationary objects or opponents;         
Manipulation Skills        
•throw a ball overhead using two hands, while stationary, to a large target or a stationary partner;        
•catch, while stationary, objects of various sizes and shapes using two hands both above and below the waist (e.g., catch a nerf ball);        
•hit a slowly moving object (e.g., a ball or a balloon) using various parts of the body, directing it to a partner or a large target;         
Stability Skills        
•jump for distance or height over low objects;        
•balance in different positions, using different body parts and levels (e.g., on and off gymnastics equipment, responding to stimuli in creative dance);        
•move their bodies in various ways (e.g., over, under, through, and around equipment).         
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