Core French
Grade 4: Oral Communication, Reading, Writing
Overall Expectations
•talk about familiar topics, using very simple phrases and sentences;
•listen to short, very simple oral texts, and respond to specific simple questions; 
•read a variety of very simple materials, 50 to 100 words long, containing basic learned vocabulary, and demonstrate understanding;         
•write very simple texts and responses following a model;        
•identify and use the vocabulary and the grammer and language conventions appropriate for this grade level.         
Specific Expectations
Oral Communication        
•follow basic classroom instructions;        
•ask very simple questions, and ask for repetition to clarify understanding;        
•use visual and verbal cues to understand what they hear, following repetition (e.g., gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice);        
•use some conventions of oral language (e.g., pronunciation, intonation) to speak in rehearsed contexts;        
•respond briefly to oral texts (e.g., answer short, simple questions; act out the words of a song);        
•give an oral presentation of up to five sentences in length (e.g., a description of themselves, skits, songs);        
•make simple revisions to oral language in form and content (e.g., correct use of gender), using feedback from the teacher.         
•read aloud familiar material, using correct pronunciation and intonation;        
•read at least six simple passages or stories (e.g., greeting cards, song lyrics);        
•read and respond briefly to written materials (e.g., answer short questions, fill in missing words, draw a picture, select answers);        
•use all available cues (e.g., visual cues, knowledge of basic sounds, and context) to determine meaning.         
•copy and write simple words, phrases, and short sentences and questions, using basic vocabulary and very simple language structures;        
•write, using a model, a first draft and corrected version in guided and cooperative writing tasks (e.g., greeting cards);        
•write responses to very simple questions;        
•use and spell the vocabulary appropriate for this grade level.         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.