Health and Physical Education
Grade 4: Fundamental Movement Skills
Overall Expectations
•perform the movement skills required to participate in lead-up games, gymnastics, dance, and outdoor pursuits: locomotion/travelling (e.g., sliding, gliding), manipulation (e.g., kicking, trapping), and stability (e.g., putting their weight on different body parts);
•demonstrate the principles of movement in acquiring and then beginning to refine movement skills (e.g., combining directions and levels in sequence). 
Specific Expectations
Locomotion/Travelling Skills        
•combine locomotion/travelling skills in repeatable sequences, incorporating a variety of speeds and levels (e.g., in novelty dances, co-operative games);         
Manipulation Skills        
•throw, both while stationary and while moving, a ball using a one-hand overhand motion to a partner or large stationary target, or pass (hand off) and receive an object (e.g., relaying a baton);        
•stop an object with the lower part of the body or with a piece of equipment (e.g., trapping a ball or disc with the foot or a piece of equipment);         
Stability Skills        
•balance safely in a variety of static positions;        
•grip, hang, and swing from equipment;        
•jump from a low height, using a variety of turns, shapes, and directions.         
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