Health and Physical Education
Grade 5: Fundamental Movement Skills
Overall Expectations
•perform the movement skills required to participate in games, gymnastics, dance, and outdoor pursuits alone and with others: locomotion/travelling (e.g., running in patterns in game activities), manipulation (e.g., catching, throwing), and stability (e.g., transferring their weight);
•demonstrate the principles of movement while refining their movement skills (e.g., matching the movements of a partner in a sequence). 
Specific Expectations
Locomotion/Travelling Skills        
•perform a combination of locomotion/ travelling movements, incorporating a variety of speeds, in relationship to objects or others (e.g., square dancing, dodging or faking to escape or deceive an opponent);         
Manipulation Skills        
•catch, while moving, objects of various sizes and shapes (e.g., balls, Frisbees) using one or two hands;        
•use a piece of equipment to send and receive an object to a partner or a target (e.g., propel a ball with a scoop, hit a badminton bird with a racquet, pass a ball using a floor-hockey stick);        
•stick-handle an object (e.g., a ball, a disc) while moving in different directions and at different speeds, alone or with a partner;        
•hit a ball with various parts of the body (e.g., heading a soccer ball);         
Stability Skills        
•perform a sequence of movements (e.g., rolling, balancing, jumping, landing);        
•perform rotations, both single rolls and rolls in sequence, in a variety of directions on mats;        
•transfer body weight in a variety of ways, using changes in direction and speed;        
•dismount safely from equipment (e.g., from a bench or box-horse).         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.