Core French
Grade 6: Oral Communication, Reading, Writing
Overall Expectations
•participate in dialogues about familiar topics, and listen to and talk about short oral texts;
•read a variety of classroom and simple authentic materials, 150 to 200 words long, containing familiar and new vocabulary, and demonstrate understanding;
•communicate ideas and facts in writing for specific purposes;        
•identify and use the vocabulary and the grammer and language conventions appropriate for this grade level.         
Specific Expectations
Oral Communication        
•ask and answer simple questions using complete sentences (e.g., Quelle est ton adresse?);        
•use appropriate pronunciation, liaison (e.g., nousavons), intonation, and language in familiar contexts;        
•respond to oral texts (e.g., answer questions from a tape);        
•give an oral presentation of ten to fifteen sentences in length (e.g., the results of a survey);        
•make revisions to oral language in form, content, and organization (e.g., add details, change the order of words), using appropriate resources and feedback from the teacher and their peers.         
•read at least nine simple passages or stories (e.g., pamphlets, booklets);        
•participate in a variety of reading situations, such as guided, shared, and choral reading, using expression, correct pronunciation, and intonation;        
•read and produce simple, structured responses that convey understanding of written text (e.g., arrange sentences in proper sequence, illustrate a few sentences);        
•identify the main idea and a few supporting details;        
•use various reading strategies to determine meaning (e.g., the glossary at the back of a book, various dictionaries).         
•write sentences and questions that contain learned vocabulary and familiar language structures;        
•write in different forms (e.g., paragraphs, dialogues, directions);        
•write, using a model, a first draft and corrected version in guided and cooperative writing tasks (e.g., pamphlets, booklets);        
•use and spell the vocabulary appropriate for this grade level.         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.