Health and Physical Education
Grade 6: Fundamental Movement Skills
Overall Expectations
•perform movement skills in the kind of combinations that are required in a variety of modified games, gymnastics, dance, and outdoor pursuits: locomotion/travelling (e.g., running, jumping, and hopping in combination, as performed in basketball or in a triple jump), manipulation (e.g., stepping sideways to get in position to bump or volley a ball, as performed in volleyball), and stability (e.g., running and jumping and landing, as in long jump);
•demonstrate the principles of movement while refining movement skills (e.g., combining body shapes and movements with changes in direction as in a dance or gymnastics routine). 
Specific Expectations
Locomotion/Travelling Skills        
•perform a combination of locomotion/ travelling skills using equipment (e.g., navigating through obstacle courses, skiing, skating);        
•demonstrate a variety of running techniques (e.g., sprints, cross-country runs);         
Manipulation Skills        
•kick balls of various sizes and shapes for distance and accuracy (e.g., punt a football, kick a soccer ball);        
•throw an object overhand or side arm, using the dominant hand, to a target or a partner for distance and accuracy;        
•demonstrate goal-tending skills (e.g., blocking, trapping, catching, clearing) with or without a piece of equipment;         
Stability Skills        
•jump for height (e.g., vertical wall jump);        
•perform locomotion/travelling and stability skills in combination (e.g., use a sprint approach and jump for distance, as in long jump);        
•perform a variety of springing actions (e.g., spring into vertical rotations such as quarter-turns on the floor or springs to mounts on equipment).         
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