Core French
Grade 7: Oral Communication, Reading, Writing
Overall Expectations
•listen to and talk about short, oral texts in structured and open-ended situations;
•read a variety of classroom and simple authentic materials, 200 to 400 words long, and demonstrate understanding;
•communicate information and ideas in writing, in structured and open-ended situations, for different purposes;        
•identify and use the vocabulary and the grammer and language conventions appropriate for this grade level.         
Specific Expectations
Oral Communication        
•use compound sentences in conversations and dialogues (e.g., Les enfants jouent dans la cour et ils s'amusent beaucoup.);        
•use language appropriately in a variety of rehearsed, routine, and open-ended situations (e.g., a cassette letter, an anti-smoking or anti-drinking message);        
•respond to oral texts (e.g., express opinions) and connect to personal experience;        
•give an oral presentation of fifteen to twenty sentences in length (e.g., report on reading material);        
•make revisions to oral language in form, content, and organization (e.g., sequence of sentences, agreement of irregular adjectives), using resources and feedback.         
•read at least twelve simple texts (e.g., letters, descriptions, essays), and identify main ideas and some supporting details;        
•produce a variety of simple responses, in structured and open-ended situations, to convey understanding of written text in a different form (e.g., design a biography card);        
•use various reading strategies to determine meaning, such as verbal cues, structures (e.g., inversion), personal experience, and resources;        
•express personal preferences or reactions to a text.         
•write simple and some compound sentences and questions, using familiar and new vocabulary;        
•write in a variety of simple forms (e.g., letters, poems, descriptions), following a model and making substitutions and minor adaptations to the model;        
•revise and edit personal writing, using feedback from the teacher and peers, and using resources including technology;        
•use and spell the vocabulary appropriate for this grade level.         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.