Health and Physical Education
Grade 7: Active Participation
Overall Expectations
•participate on a regular basis in physical activities that maintain or improve physical fitness (e.g., power walking, hiking);
•identify the benefits of each component of physical fitness (e.g., cardiorespiratory fitness = healthy heart and lungs);
•apply living skills (e.g., basic problem-solving, decision-making, goal-setting, and conflict-resolution techniques) in physical activities (e.g., games, gymnastics, dance, music, outdoor pursuits);        
•transfer appropriate interpersonal skills (e.g., exhibiting etiquette, fair play, co-operation, and respectful behaviour) to new physical activities;        
•follow safety procedures related to physical activity, equipment, and facilities, and continue to take responsibility for their own safety.         
Specific Expectations
Physical Activity        
•participate vigorously in all aspects of the program (e.g., three-on-three basketball, aerobics);        
•apply the factors that motivate their daily activities (e.g., competing, attaining improved fitness levels) to their personal action plans;         
Physical Fitness        
•improve or maintain their personal fitness levels by participating in vigorous fitness activities for sustained periods of time (e.g., a minimum of fifteen minutes) without undue fatigue;        
•identify the training principles that affect their fitness levels (e.g., frequency, intensity, time, and type = F.I.T.T.);        
•assess their own levels of physical fitness on an ongoing basis, comparing with past performances, and apply the information to their personal goals;         
Living Skills        
•apply a goal-setting process (e.g., set a realistic goal, identify and address barriers, prepare an action plan, determine and access sources of support, and identify how to know when the goal has been reached) to short-term goals related to physical activity or personal fitness;        
•participate fairly in games or activities (e.g., accepting and respecting decisions made by officials, whether they are students, teachers, or coaches).         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.