Health and Physical Education
Grade 7: Fundamental Movement Skills
Overall Expectations
•combine a variety of movement skills (locomotion/travelling, manipulation, and stability) in games, gymnastics, dance, and outdoor pursuits (e.g., basketball, flag football, gymnastics floor routines, novelty dances like the Alley Cat, orienteering); 
•apply the principles of movement while refining movement skills (e.g., running into an open space to elude an opponent in soccer). 
Specific Expectations
Locomotion/Travelling Skills        
•perform locomotion/travelling, manipulation, and stability skills in combination (e.g., in high jump: approaching the bar, taking off, and landing);        
•move to external stimuli, using a variety of steps, sequences, directions, and hand actions (e.g., square dancing, doing fitness routines);         
Manipulation Skills        
•send an object to a partner, to a target, or over a net, using a serve, an underhand throw or pass, or an overhand throw or pass (e.g., a volleyball underhand serve, underhand bump pass, or overhand volley pass);        
•perform a variety of throws, passes, and shots after a faking motion;        
•intercept objects (e.g., balls, Frisbees) while moving in various directions and at different speeds;        
•pass an object to a moving partner (e.g., using a chest pass, bounce pass, two-hand overhead pass, one-hand overhead pass) for distance and accuracy;         
Stability Skills        
•balance while moving from one static position to another on the floor and on equipment (gymnastics, dance);        
•dismount from equipment and land safely and in control;        
•transfer their body weight to get over pieces of apparatus (e.g., vaulting).         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.