Grade 7: British North America

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Overall Expectations





* explain the origins of English settlement in British North America after the fall of New France, describe the migration and settlement experiences of the various groups of settlers, and outline the causes, events, and results of the War of 1812;





* use a variety of resources and tools to gather, process, and communicate information about the beginnings and development of the new British colonies;





* identify some themes and personalities from the period, and explain their relevance to contemporary Canada.





Specific Expectations





Knowledge and Understanding





* explain the historical impact of key events on the settlement of British North America (e.g., the Treaty of Paris, the Quebec Act, the American Revolution);





* describe the different groups of people (e.g., Black Loyalists, slaves, indentured servants, Iroquois allied nations, Maritime Loyalists) who took part in the Loyalists' migration and identify their areas of settlement;





* outline the reasons for the early settlement of English Canada (e.g., as an outcome of the American Revolution);





* explain key characteristics of life in English Canada from a variety of perspectives (e.g., family life, economic and social life, the growth and development of early institutions, transportation, relationships with First Nation peoples and French settlers);





* describe the major causes and personalities of the War of 1812;





* describe the impact of the War of 1812 on the development of Canada (e.g., defence-related construction, as in Fort Henry and the Rideau Canal; the movement of the capital to Bytown [Ottawa]; the emergence of national pride; the building of roads such as Kingston Road and Yonge Street; the shipping industry in the Maritimes);





* identify the achievements and contributions of significant people (e.g., Sir John Graves Simcoe, Lady Elizabeth Simcoe, Joseph Brant/Thayendanegea).





Inquiry/Research and Communication Skills





* formulate questions to facilitate research on specific topics (e.g., Why were the Iroquois peoples allied with the British Crown? How were Indian reserves created in English Canada and French Canada and what were their impacts on First Nation peoples?);





* use a variety of primary and secondary sources to locate relevant information about how early settlers met the challenges of the new land (e.g., primary sources: artefacts, journals, letters, statistics, field trips, interviews, period documents and maps; secondary sources: maps, illustrations, print materials, videos, CD-ROMs, Internet sites);





* analyse, synthesize, and evaluate historical information (e.g., debate the question: Who won the War of 1812?);





* describe and analyse conflicting points of view about a series of historical events (e.g., the Royal Proclamation of 1763, the Quebec Act of 1774, the Declaration of Independence of 1776, the Indian Act of 1876);





* construct and use a wide variety of graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, and models to organize and interpret information (e.g., on a map of North America, trace the migration routes of the Loyalists and identify their areas of settlement);





* communicate the results of inquiries for specific purposes and audiences, using media works, oral presentations, written notes and reports, drawings, tables, charts, and graphs (e.g., conduct a historical demonstration of immigrants coming to the Canadas);





* use appropriate vocabulary (e.g., institutions, revolution, Loyalists, Patriots, Upper Canada, Lower Canada) to describe their inquiries and observations.










* illustrate the historical development of their local community (e.g., its origins, key personalities, and the contributions of various cultural groups), using a variety of formats (e.g., a heritage display, posters, a drama skit or role play, a brochure, a Web page);





* prepare and present a biographical sketch of a historical person from the period 1759-1812 (e.g., Laura Secord, Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, Thomas Peters).





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