Core French
Grade 8: Oral Communication, Reading, Writing
Overall Expectations
•listen to and talk about simple oral texts in structured and open-ended situations;
•express ideas, feelings, and opinions in conversations and discussions, using learned language structures and a variety of vocabulary and expressions;
•read a variety of simple materials, 400 to 600 words long, and demonstrate understanding;        
•write in a variety of forms, adjusting language to suit the audience;        
•identify and use the vocabulary and the grammer and language conventions appropriate for this grade level.         
Specific Expectations
Oral Communication        
•use compound and complex sentences in conversations and discussions (e.g., Pauline n’a pas fait ses devoirs parce qu’elle a regardé la télé hier soir);         
•respond to oral texts (e.g., answer questions, role-play);        
•use language appropriately in a variety of rehearsed, routine, and open-ended situations (e.g., an interview, a song lyric, an advertisement for a new restaurant);        
•give an oral presentation of more than twenty sentences in length, adjusting speech to suit the audience.         
•read at least fifteen simple texts (e.g., excerpts from newspapers, magazines), and identify the main idea and supporting details;        
•produce a variety of simple responses, in structured and open-ended situations, to convey understanding of written text in a different form (e.g., re-create a scene, design a book jacket);        
•express personal preferences or reactions to a text (e.g., in a dramatization).         
•use simple and compound sentences, and organize information in paragraphs;        
•use strategies (e.g., brainstorming, mind mapping) to plan and write first and final drafts in guided and cooperative writing tasks;        
•produce pieces of writing in a variety of simple forms (e.g., lists, dialogues, illustrated stories), following and making adaptations to a model;        
•proofread and correct final drafts, focusing on grammar, punctuation, and spelling;        
•use and spell the vocabulary appropriate for this grade level.         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.