Health and Physical Education
Grade 8: Healthy Living
Overall Expectations
病dopt personal goals that reflect healthy eating practices;
品dentify the physical, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual aspects of healthy sexuality (e.g., respect for life, ethical questions in relationships, contraception);
品dentify local support groups and community organizations (e.g., public health offices) that provide information or services related to health and well-being;        
病nalyse situations that are potentially dangerous to personal safety (e.g., gang violence) and determine how to seek assistance;        
病pply living skills (e.g., decision-making, problem-solving, and refusal skills) to respond to matters related to sexuality, drug use, and healthy eating habits.        
Specific Expectations
Healthy Eating        
病nalyse the effects of undereating (e.g., as a result of bulimia or sports dieting) and overeating (e.g., obesity) on health and well-being;        
品dentify ways to maintain a healthy body weight (e.g., physical activity);        
病dopt personal food plans, based on nutritional needs and personal goals, to improve or maintain their eating practices;        
Growth and Development        
鋲xplain the importance of abstinence as a positive choice for adolescents;        
品dentify symptoms, methods of transmission, prevention, and high-risk behaviours related to common STDs, HIV, and AIDS;        
品dentify methods used to prevent pregnancy;        
病pply living skills (e.g., decision-making, assertiveness, and refusal skills) in making informed decisions, and analyse the consequences of engaging in sexual activities and using drugs;        
品dentify sources of support (e.g., parents/ guardians, doctors) related to healthy sexuality issues;         
Personal Safety and Injury Prevention        
病nalyse situations (e.g., hitchhiking, gang violence, violence in relationships) that are potentially dangerous to personal safety;        
品dentify support services (e.g., the school guidance department, shelters, Kids' Help Phone) that assist victims of violence, and explain how to access them;         
Substance Use and Abuse        
賓utline the possible negative consequences of substance use and abuse (e.g., fetal alcohol syndrome, effects of steroid use, accidents when drinking and driving);        
品dentify those school and community resources that are involved in education about substance use and abuse, and those involved in preventing and treating substance abuse;        
錨escribe causes and symptoms of stress and positive ways (as opposed to substance use) to relieve stress;        
病pply the steps of a decision-making process to address age-specific situations related to personal health and well-being in which substance use or abuse is one of the factors.         
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 Expectations: Copyright The Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1998.  Format: Copyright B.Phillips, 1998.