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Monday June 4, 2001
The End Is Near!

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Homework Guidelines: This page will be updated daily and should be used to note what is due in what and when! Click on the subjects above to take you to specific homework tasks. Note the date and be sure it is in on time. Keep yourself organized! From time to time I will provide links to web sites that may be of interest to you or may be helpful for completing homework.

Math Homework - get Math tests SIGNED and returned ASAP please :-)

Percent Problems Section 4.4 due Monday

Measurement Test on Thursday April 26 (8S) and Friday April 27 (8P)

MEASUREMENT: Circles! Section 7.1 #6,7,9,14,15, 18, 19 pg.347-349 DUE Wednesday, April 18!

FRACTIONS UNIT TEST Wedensday, April 11

Monday April 2: Dividing Fractions pg.141-142 and 152-153 Due Wednesday April 4.


Tuesday March 20: WebQuest p.113 "Dividing the Inheritance" DUE Friday, March 23

Tuesday March 20 (8P only): Adding and Subtracting Fractions p.118-119 #12-21 DUE Wednesday, March 21

Wednesday March 21 (8S only): Adding and Subtracting Fractions p.118-119 #12-21 DUE Thursday, March 22

Monday March 26 (8P and 8S): p.123-125 #5,6,9-11,21,23,24,25-29 DUE Tuesday, March 27

Monday March 26 (8P): Multiplying with Fractions p.131-132 #9,11,13,15,16,18,20 DUE Wednesday, March 28

Wednesday March 28 (8S): Multiplying with Fractions p.131-132 #9,11,13,15,16,18,20 DUE Thursday, March 29

Fractions have been started. We will be multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting fractions. We will be converting them to decimals, reducing them, and solving problems involving them :-)

Pg. 283 #5 due Wednesday, February 21 (8P)

Data Collection QUIZ (8P): Tomorrow! (Feb.13)

Page 268 #1-5, Pages 269-271 #5-10 due Tuesday, February 13

Data Collecting 5.2: Graphs of student survey due on Tuesday, February 6


Data Management pg.255-257: #2-9, 11-13 due Thursday, February 1 (8P and 8S)

Data Management "Constructing Graphs" pg.250-253: #1, #3-8 due Tuesday, January 30 (8P and 8S)

GEOMETRY UNIT TEST: Thursday January 25 (8S) and Friday January 26 (8P) (written component)

We are starting our Data Management unit this week. Masters 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 to be done by Friday. We will take them up on Monday.

GEOMETRY UNIT TEST: Wednesday, January 24 - Complete Unit

BONUS (if you choose to do it!) due Wednesday, January 24 - Geometric Puzzle Manual (project pages 472-473)

DUE Monday, January 22: Review Questions pg. 470-471

DUE Wednesday, January 17: Section 9.6 #2-4, 6-14

DUE Tuesday, January 16: Section 9.5 #4-12, 14-16

DUE Monday, January 15: pg. 455 #1-6, 8-10, 12-13

GEOMETRY QUIZ tomorrow - Wednesday, January 10!! 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3

DUE Thursday, January 11 (8S) and Friday, January 12 (8P): Math sheet "3. Constructions"

DUE Thursday, December 22: pg. 442-444 #1-5, 7, 8, 11-13, 17-22

DUE Thursday, December 21: Master sheet 9.2 and 9.1

DUE Thursday, December 14: pg. 433 #1-4, 8, 11-13, 16-17, 20-21, 24-25

Master 9.3 - all questions due Tuesday, December 12

Written TEST on Algebraic Expressions: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7 (8S) and FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8 (8P)

UNIT TEST on Algebraic Expressions: MONDAY, DECEMBER 4 (Both Classes)

DUE Thursday, November 30: Algebra Review: pg.412-414 #2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,33 and pg.416-417 #1-16. (Both Classes)

DUE Monday, November 27: Network Questions page 409 (Both Classes)

DUE Friday, November 24: Algebra Sheet 8.2 #1-11. To be taken up in class. (8P)

DUE Thursday, November 23: Algebra Sheet 8.2 #1-11. To be taken up in class. (8S)

DUE Tuesday, November 21: Pages 407-408 #6-20 (8S and 8P)

DUE Monday, November 20: Chiclets algebra problem Pg.402

DUE Thursday Nov. 16: Algebraic Substitution pg.399-401 #1-7, 8-13, 15-24

Science Homework

Water Systems quiz on Monday June 4 (Sections 4.0 - 4.4)

Optics project due on Tuesday May 8

Optics: Notes and questions from section 5.0-5.4 and 6.0-6.4 due Tuesday, May 1

OPTICS: Thursday April 6 (8S) and Friday April 7 (8P): Lab - "Refraction in Water and Other Liquids" DUE TUESDAY APRIL 10 (both classes)

OPTICS: Wednesday, April 4: Lab - "From Air to Glass" DUE THURSDAY APRIL 5 (8S) or FRIDAY APRIL 6 (8P)


You need a PRINGLES container for this Thursday's experiment and a FLASHLIGHT for the entire unit!

Tuesday March 20: Optics title page and brainstorming DUE Wednesday March 21

Wednesday March 21: 8 Centres in class. HOMEWORK: Completed chart and "Focus Your Thoughts" questions #1-5 (page 6 in booklet or p.162 in text) DUE Thursday March 22 (8S) and Friday March 23 (8P)

Thursday March 22 (8S): Science Experiment (PRINGLES TUBE REQUIRED!): HOMEWORK - Lab Report DUE Tuesday, March 27 and Questions #1-4 (p.10 in booklet or p.166 in text) DUE Tuesday, March 27

Friday March 23 (8P): Science Experiment (PRINGLES TUBE REQUIRED!): HOMEWORK - Lab Report DUE Tuesday, March 27 and Questions #1-4 (p.10 in booklet or p.166 in text) DUE Tuesday, March 27

Tuesday March 27: Hand in lab reports. HOMEWORK - #3 (p.12 in booklet or p.168 in text) and #1-6 (p.13 in booklet or p.169 in text) DUE Wednesday March 28

Wednesday March 28: Light Reflection Lab Report. DUE Thursday March 29 (8S) and Friday March 30 (8P)

Thursday March 29 (8S): Science Experiment "Law of Reflection"Lab Report DUE in class today! HOMEWORK: Questions #1-5 (p.19 in booklet or p.175 in text) DUE Tuesday, April 3

Friday March 30 (8P): Science Experiment "Law of Reflection"Lab Report DUE in class today! HOMEWORK: Questions #1-5 (p.19 in booklet or p.175 in text) DUE Tuesday, April 3

Tuesday April 3: Section 2.2 read in class and discuss. HOMEWORK: "Communicate" #1-3 and section 2.3"Check Your Progress" #1-5 (p.22 in booklet or p.178 in text) DUE Wednesday April 4

Mechanical Efficiency Unit DUE Thursday, March 8 (8S) or Friday, March 9 (8P).

Title Page, Definitions page, notes on pp.271-275, p.276 #1-3, notes on pp.283-286, p.288 #1-5

ROBOT DESIGN GOOD COPY due at end of class. Brainstorming notes from group, 1-page description, and detailed diagram on chart paper with labels

Pneumatic Toy Construction Wednesday, February 21 to be followed by presentations Thurs. and Fri.

F.Izzy report (What Sugar Solution Will Work? Design and carry out a procedure that will allow you to determine the density of a sugar solution that can float a grape. When you have an answer, prepare a report to Mr. F. Iaay. Include what you did, what you found, the density required, and summary comments) due Tuesday, February 6

Buoyancy Reading and questions section 3.1 and 3.2 (#1-3 pg.126) and (#1-4 pg.130) due Thursday, February 1

FLUIDS TEST on Tuesday, January 23: First two sections in text

Density Questions due Wednesday, January 17:

1. What units are usually used for measuring the density of solids? liquids?

2. Use the Particle Theory of Matter to describe what happens to the density of a subject when it cools.

3. Is there a mistake in the following directions for this water-play air mattress?

"This air mattress should not be used by children without adult supervision. Do not inflate. Keep away from sharp objects to prevent punctures."

1. Brainstorm a concept map for "density".

2. How are viscosity and density related?

3. What is density and how do you measure it?

4. What happens to the density of a fluid as it warms up?

5. In graphs, how can you determine which liquids have higher densities than others on the graph?

6. Which is denser - 10g of shampoo or 10kg of shampoo?

7. Which is denser - water at 15 degrees C or water at 60 degrees C?

DUE Monday, January 15: Science Experiment write-up on Mass/Volume Ratio.

DUE on Tuesday, December 12 (Dylan's Birthday!): Density Email to F. Izzy and questions #1-3 on page 104

1. Were you able to float a piece of fruit? If you were, describe how you did it. If you were unable to, describe your results.

2. What was the most interesting part of your research.

3. You may have noticed that sometimes your fruit sank and sometimes it floated. Why do you think this happened?

Due on Tuesday, November 28 (8S and 8P): Have questions #1-3 pg.100, #3-5 pg.102, and Section 1.3 Questions #1-5 done and in your notes.

Pg.100 #1 Write a short paragraph to describe viscosity. Include at least two examples of fluids and use the words flow, fluid, particles, and viscosity in your description.

#2 Which of the following materials is most viscous? Which is the least viscous? How could you determine this? a) syrup b) house paint c) water

#3. Describe two substances that are useful because of their viscosity.

Pg.102 #3. How does temperature affect the viscosity of a liquid?

#4. You are given three samples of the same shampoo at three different temperatures: 35 degrees C, 50 degrees C, and 75 degrees C. Which sample would have the highest viscosity? the lowest?

Pg.102 #1. What is a fluid? Give an example of one you have used in the past day.

#2. Use the Particle Theory of Matter to explain what viscosity is and why temperature affects it.

#3. Describe two methods used to test viscosity.

#4. When you pour cereal into a bowl for breakfast, the ceral takes the shape of the bowl. Is cereal a fluid? Explain your answer.

#5. How does understanding viscosity benefit people?

Due on Thursday, November 23 (8S) or Friday, November 24 (8P): VISCOSITY EXPERIMENT. This experiement needs to be written up completely and neatly! Do not forget the proper components: problem, hypothesis, materials, method, observations, conclusions. Please answer the following questions when you are writing up your observations and conclusions:


  • #10. Look at the three measurements you took for the first liquid. Is one of them different from the other two? If so, circle this one and do not include it when you calculate the average time. Do the same for the readings of all the other liquids. There could be an error in those circled measurements. You will look at them later in question 14, part d).
  • #11. Calculate the average time that each fluid took to fill 20ml in the graduated cylinder.
  • #12. Based on your results, list the fluids in order from most viscous to least viscous.


  • #14. Write a summary for your investigation using the following questions as a guide:
    • a) What did you do?
    • b) What question were you trying to answer?
    • c) What were your results?
    • d) What sources of error or problems did you encounter? (If you had an error in measurement, describe how you think it happened.)
    • e) What is one thing you learned in this activity?

Due on Tuesday, November 28: Cell is a City Project . See the Cell Is a City web page to view rubrics, etc. Builders to be done on Monday, November 20. Recorders to be finished Monday, November 27.

FLUIDS Title page due on Tuesday, November 21. (8S and 8P)

Questions #1-6 on page 95 due Tuesday, November 21. (8S and 8P)

We will be starting FLUIDS soon (this week!) as our second major unit. Email me with any cool links that you think might be helpful for others and I will include them on the page.

Geography Homework

MIGRATION TEST on Tuesday June 5. Chapters 11-14.

MIGRATION PROJECT DUE Tuesday June 5. Which Country Are You Migrating To?

pg 241 #1-4 and the case study on pg 242 + 243 and do the question at the end of the case study. They are both due on Monday.

Migration work DUE Monday, April 23: Read pages 211-223 and do questions #1-4 on p.223

MIGRATION Title Page due Monday April 9 (8S)

Desertification map due Tuesday, February 13 (8P)

ECONOMIC SYSTEMS mini-quiz on Tuesday, February 6 (8S)

ECONOMIC SYSTEMS mini-quiz on Tuesday, January 30 (8P)

"Canada - A Mixed Up Economy: Prove It!" sheet due Tuesday, January 30 (8P and 8S)

PRESENTATIONS on Monday, January 22 and Tuesday, January 23 (both classes): Genetically-Modified foods opinion.

DUE Tuesday, December 19: Rough copy of GM foods project to Mr.Phillips and Mr.Donaldson (so we know exactly what you are presenting in January).

BRING IN your Genetically Modified (GM) food project information to work on in class this week and next.

DUE on Monday, November 27: Household Goods map, data sheet, and Globalization Question Sheets (8S) - 8P's assignment is due Friday, November 24.

Due on Monday, November 20: Maps of where your products originated. (8S)

Computer Homework

Claris Home Page web page DUE FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9

Clarisworks Art Critic Review DUE FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9

Hyperstudio Stack DUE FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9

TAG Homework

We have begun the Movtiv8 Substance Abuse Awareness unit.

DUE Tuesday, January 9 (8P): TAG reflection.

DUE Tuesday, November 21: One page article on "A Day in the Life of Me at 35 Years Old". (8P)

Language Arts Homework

Invention Conventions Unit

January 25(8p) 26(8s) - Persuasive letter due

February 1(8p) 2(8s) - Advertising homework due

February 8(8p) 9(8s) - Presentation of visual/radio ads

February 15(8p) 16(8s) - Quiz on simile, metaphor, personification

February 22(8p) 23(8s) - Presentation of product, packaging, and advertising\

March 1st - Heritage Glen Invention Convention

History Homework

DUE Thursday, February 8: Page 80-81 Skill Builders #1-6. Final product will be marked for spelling, grammar, picture (coloured) accurate information, outline, information gathered, effort/presentation.

Page 80 Questions 1-6

1. Choose an important woman or man in Canadian history, for expamle, any of the Fathers of Confederation, Mary Ann Shadd, Harriet Tubmann, or Billy Barker.

2. Decide on the key questions you want to answer about this person's life. Work with the outline

3. Locate information. Look at biographies, diaries, letters, and newspaper reports about the person. Try to photocopy a picture of the perosn you are writing about or crfeate an illustration or cartoon.

4. Make a point-form summary of the information you collect following your outline.

5. Start with an interesting topic sentence that clearly tells what the paragraph is about. Use your outline as you write the details of the paragraph. Make sure your paragraph has unity and coherence. End with a concluding sentence that sums up the whole paragraph.

6. Finally, create your history card. Tape or glue the picture of the personality on the front of a piece of cardboard and write your short profile on the back. Make your card whatever size and shape you want. Be creative!

History Card Outline

1st Paragraph - Background Information: birth and early life, personal characteristics, beliefs and goals

2nd Paragraph - Important events and accomplishments in life

3rd Paragraph - Historical importance and contribution to Canadian history

Art Homework

Music Homework

Notices for Parents

Please return signed report card (page 3 only) and envelope as soon as possible. Thank you!

Please remind students of lunchroom expectations (e.g., being polite, being neat, throwing out their garbage). Students who choose to act inappropriately or treat the room and/or other students and staff disrespectfuly will lose this privilege.

Please return the blue Emergency Closure forms ASAP

Missing Textbooks

So far this year we have had 8 science textbooks that have gone missing after students have taken them home for work. These books will cost over $300 to replace and we just do not have the resources available to replace them. The easiest solution would be for those students that have taken them home to just return them! PLEASE keep an eye out for any Grade 8 Science and Technology textbooks at home. There is a picture of a snowboarder on the front. Right now we are down to 20 copies that have to serve 65 people. It would help immensely if the 8 copies were found and brought back to school.

Homework Web Page


Last week the Grade 8 Homework page was put online by Mr.Phillips and it is updated daily. This site has all of your child's homework listed with due dates. Please refer to it to see what is due and when!

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