thesis appendix b  

Appendix B

Email to CHAT Users Requesting Feedback for the Ontario Elementary Curriculum Links Web Page and Responses Received

Email to CHAT users on Saturday August 7, 1999
Hi there!
For my Master's project I have developed a web site that has links categorized on a huge grid according to specific strands in all subject areas for all grades K-8. For example, should you wish to find web sites related to The Human Body you would go to the Grade 5, Science and Technology cell and click on the "Life Systems" link. You would then be presented with a page containing a list of sites that are relevant to that specific strand.
This site differs from other educational link sites in that a) it is geared specifically for Ontario curricula, b) it is designed to be easy to use, c) it provides a further level of classification than most other sites (which are categorized by grade level or subject area) for useful web sites, d) it is comprehensive (all strands, all subject areas, all grades), and e) it is participatory - users can add sites that they find useful to the specific cells.
It is located at
Presently the links to Social Science, History, and Geography, and Language Arts are active. As of midnight Sunday August 8, Science and Technology and The Arts will also be active. The complete page should be ready by Tuesday August 10th.
If there is any way you could spend a couple of minutes browsing the site,  I would be extremely grateful for any input or reactions submitted up until Tuesday August 24th.!!!!!! I am looking for honest reactions to its perceived utility, ease-of-use, and invitation.
If you can't, no problem - thanks for reading this!

Response from Kim Dennis on August 8, 1999
I checked out the site late last night and thought it was pretty good.  I don't have any other sites to compare it to as I've basically ignored teaching, learning and curriculum since I've been off with William....but....I did like the site and the connections I made with the grade seven and eight language arts stuff.  I think this could be a valuable resource for me and I've already bookmarked it.  I look forward to seeing it become a little more fleshed out (once more lessons and other connections are added) but even at this point it has given me some good ideas for start up.
I think your site will be a very valuable resource.  It was extremely easy to use and I could navigate quickly and without any confusion.

Response from Jane Bennett on August 18, 1999
Hey Brent,
I am writing a split grade unit for Grade 2/3 for the Board with a couple of other teachers.  We went to visit your page and were very excited to find a few new spots to visit that we could include in our resources.  The page is very well layed out, nicely organized and easy for anyone to use.  The links worked very well and it was great to have a little blurb about what the site was about.  We found that a couple of sites were very kid friendly and another one was more teacher friendly - my only recommendation would be to include that with the blurb.  I do realize though that there are kids who would have absolutely no problem visiting the teacher sites and learning all there is to learn there.  Anyway, thank you so much for providing such a great location.  I also like how we can add sites to it so it will be changing constantly!