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October 21, 2003

Good morning, kids,

Here is your agenda by class for the good!

Tech Lit 1 (periods 1,3,4,5,7)
P4 TA Mel, P5 TAs Jill and Tiffany, P7 TA Veronica
Typing Practice (20 minutes)
Zangle Online Grade Check and Fall Grade Record Update (10-15 minutes)
Review of Finals Schedule (5 minutes - posted by door and on class web agenda for Q2 week #10)

EMERGENCY - If the computers are down or an alternative is needed, you may start Video #2 of Nerds 2.0.1 series (about development of Internet and found on shelves in teacher area of D104, look for turquoise box).

Web Design (period 2)
No TA - but Dean or Brian can help as needed
Students are to research online "The Rule of 3"; types of symmetry/ asymmetry; and complementary/ analogous/ monochromatic colors on the color wheel - as these concepts apply to page design and page layout;

Students will then each create a short PowerPoint (no more than 6 slides) presentation that explains in detail and gives examples of the basics of 1 of these 3 concepts - NOTE: students will be expected to have a basic understanding of all 3 concepts but will present only 1 of those researched

Put out a sign up sheet with three columns (1 column for each concept) with spaces numbered 1 to 7 - so that no more than 7 students may choose the same presentation concept

We will print presentations in handout form (six slides per page) during our next class - this will lead us into our last assignment of the semester

Yearbook (period 6)
No TAs
NOTE: Do NOT worry about our December deadline - I am working on the submissions and everything will be just fine!!!
Each yearbook student (including all of my leaders) is to create a "Spring Grade Record" in Excel following the guidelines set for my Tech Lit 1 classes. You can view the assignment called "Fall Grade Record" at link:

You should be able to get most of the assignment done in class today if you focus.

You will have to use class dates (M,W,F only) from today, Monday, January 5th through Monday, June 7th. Wherever you see references to "Fall 2003", you should substitute "Spring 2004". Trevor Scott is a good help for this assignment since he is already working the fall grade record in my Tech Lit 1 class.

You are going to be expected to check Zangle on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during Yearbook class period 6 to update this Excel spreadsheet.

I will be checking your progress in maintaining this file and counseling specific students on core class grades as I am concerned that some students are doing well in Yearbook but are not doing so well in their other classes.

Conni McIntyre