Dangerous Tourist Problem threats Kfardebian since the foundation of the company “Faraya Mzaar” and still…


    After we noticed a huge advertisement and management failure we turn the spot on a dangerous problem Kfardebian is facing a long time ago.


    The most important skiing grounds are located in Ouyoun El Simane which is a region in Kfardebian our village and directed by a company unfortunately called “Faraya Mzaar”.

Here is where the problem starts…

One of our neighbor villages is called “Faraya” and does not have any skiing places.


    Every single tourist or ski player consider himself going to “Faraya” but in fact he means and visit “Faraya Mzaar” the skiing company.

Paul, Nassib & Elie.





AND THE DANGER IS STILL ON and ON and ON... WHAT A SHAME... Please read carefully  it’s URGENT.

What a shame by visiting Lebanon tourism government site which is : <> we discovered wrong information published...

Clicking (Gallerie de Photos) and trying to search typing the name Kfardebian, we didn't find anything like it doesn't exist in this country and like it has nothing related to tourism. After a long trial by changing the name (Kfarzebian - Kfardebiane - Kfarzebiane...) Nothing found... and the first disappointment look stood up our faces.

After a second we tried to search (Faraya) we found Kfardebian.

What a tourism Minister that barely knows his country, while we spent till now just 2 hours of search and documentation, we assure you, we know better... At least, what we know is true, cause we called every municipality to confirm it's related information.

Thank you, for replying with your ideas and thoughts.

Paul, Nassib & Elie.


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