Has nothing to do whit real life Red Cross
PWI Red Cross is a guild inside a game.

The goal is to provide players whit Cleric support without discrimination for any kind of event. The guild has the goal of providing a guide of conduct for the members and build reputation on being the best support guild on the Lost City server.

How do we work? : Simple, if you cross one member just ask him for help. He will then join you or ask a guild member to replace him if he is not available. Some of us will sleep over event and provide any team support for there advancement. You can also communicate whit the current leader for help, seek TCHP.

What is the cost! : Nothing, Red Cross will not ask and will not steal your drops from Boss or event. We do like some recognition in the form of donation but it is NOT a must.
Red Cross Guild Ethic
Recruiting any lv cleric. Any raising money for level 3 guild .
   - Red Cross want to provide and help has many players has possible. The final goal is to have around the clock Cleric support in the game for any event.

   - Red Cross want to establish his name by respecting all engagement. And giving the team what they ask for. Respect the time of engagement and solve issues rapidly.

   - Red Cross Cleric will not discriminate in any way. The clerics of Red Cross will provide there support to any one.

Will not do
   - Any member of this Guild will not take part in any action that will bring a bad name to this association. It will not support player killing but will not condemn suck action. By default Red Cross Cleric will have there shield. BUT: Red Cross members have the right to defend themselves at any time.

   - By supporting any player, the members will build the guild to have contact and be recognized in the game by there action. Red Cross will also attribute rank in the guild and have Star players.
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