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Put up that new fic I've been writin', "Bad Blade" the prologue and the first chapter in the fanfiction section. 2nd chapter's in progress but I'm gonna be updatin' "Impossible" before that. Dunno when that'll happen tho seein' as how exams are in 2 weeks aw geeze...........

Ahhh I still gotta put my fan art and stuff up. Sheesh and everything else. HOW long have I had this page??? Man, well after exams I'll spruce this place on the web up!!



OK, so I put up ch.9 of "Impossible" in the fanfiction section. Eeeh, I'm gonna stop writin' for a while... try something new. The only fics people seem ta like are my NC-17 ones.....

Anywayz, I finally made the pages for my DB fan comic that I did like 5 years ago. I put up 4 out of da 48 pages of the original version (which is pretty damn crappy ahahah but it's funny)! I'll get up the remake (which looks a looot better but is less funny) after I put up all of the original. Theeen I'll open up the sequel's section (Trunks and Goten's Endless Waltz).


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