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   New version is currently being developed. This new version will be released soon. Old version (1.2.1 - 06/11/2002) still available for download.

     What's new (28/10/2004)

  • Editor is completely redesigned from the scratch. This new editor is much more powerful and has much improved performance and loading time.
  • Supports Pseudo Object Oriented Assembly Language. Edit will have built in support for this.
  • Easy navigation between Procs/Macros by selecting their name combo box. Similar to VB.
  • Shrinking and Expanding of code. Similar to VS.NET.

    Many other nice features from old version are still available.

  • Auto word complete for common Win32 equates.
  • Auto word complete for Win32 API.
  • Auto word complete for PROCS, MACROS, STRUCTS and VARIABLES.
  • You only have to type name and '.', then select your option from the list box
  • TREE view gives you complete navigational control over the Variables (db, dw, dd, dq,dt, string), Macros, Procs, User structures and all opened files. Double clicking any of nodes takes you to where the word is defined.
  • Multi document interface.
  • You can assemble, link, build or run the build program within the IDE.
  • Visual Dialog editor. This editor also capable of creating initialization code for fonts, colors ,loading images etc. Dialogs can be standalone code or separate procedure.
  • Custom build options.
  • Debug output from running applications can be sent to IDEs output window.