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Tom's Tape List

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DJ Abel Audio 909 Hardcore 60min
DJ Acetate 16 To The Sky Techno 60min
DJ Acetate "Havoc"  Live PA Techno 60min
Adam X Wax Trax!  MasterMix  Volume 2 Techno 74min
Adam X Define The Sonic Groove Techno 90min
Adam X Sonic Underground 07 Techno 90min
Adam X 2001:  Beyond Tomorrow Techno 90min
Adam X Creative Vandalism (unmixed) Techno 74min
Adam X, Frankie Bones, Heather Heart Sonic Groove: Defined Techno 74min
Adam X Untitled (recorded off internet 2/26/00--fair quality) Techno 90min
the Advent Live @ Tonic Nightclub Techno 60min
Andrei Morant /         Tim Xavier Andrei Morant - Version 1.04 side a                  Tim Xavier - Version 1.03 side b Techno 90min
Angel Alanis Untitled (caffeine) Techno 60min
Angel Alanis The Subconscious State of Techno Techno 40min
Angel Alanis & Halo Trunkids House 90min
Bad Boy Bill USC 2 Year Anniversary-7/18/98(recorded off internet--decent quality) House/Techno 90min
Bad Boy Bill Bangin The Box Vol. 4 House 74min
Joey Beltram Sound of 2AM Techno 50min
Joey Beltram Live @ Full House Rave  Frankfurt, Gemany  4/29/96 Techno 90min
Joey Beltram Movement Techno 60min
Joey Beltram Dream Frequency at Galactica 92 Techno 60min
Joey Beltram Live @ Dance Terminal Tech-House 60min
jb3  Through The Mixer (4 Beltram tracks remixed by Dave Angel, Robert Armani, and Advent) (Not  Mixed) Techno 30min
Adam Beyer Motor, Detroit  5/5/00 Techno 90min
Adam Beyer Live @ Prag   12/12/98 Techno 90min
Adam Beyer Live @ Turned On (Minneapolis) Techno 74min
Adam Beyer & Joel Mull Live 9/7/98 Techno 74min
Jason BK Sideshow Tekno [Live Set] Techno 74min
Blunted Circutz BLUE: A: Jordan Vesteyo  B: Sneak-E Pete Progressive, Breaks 90min
Bob Brown composition 2 Techno 90min
Bob Brown Composition 3 Techno 74min
James Brown James Brown Trance 90min
Merrick Brown Merrick Brown Techno 90min
Cajmere Techno Funk Techno 74min
Caz Drum and Bass Mix Feb. 2001 Drum & Bass 74min
Jimmy Crash Flight Techno 90min
Carl Cox The Ultimate Sound of BASE Techno 90min
Carl Cox Live in Germany Techno/House 90min
Carl Cox Live @ Crowbar Techno/House 74min
Carl Cox BBC Radio-1 Essential Mix Tour/Live @ Twilo  1/24/99 Techno/House 60min
Carl Cox Live @ Manor House,  Bournemouth 1999 Techno 60min
CJ Bolland Live @ Renegades  Plugged In 8/8/98 Techno 60min
CJ Bolland @ Velvet Underground Techno 30min
Claude Young As You Like It     1998 Techno 90min
Claude Young Dexit Techno 90min
Commander Tom Live @ WEMF  '99 Techno/Trance 60min
Da Goose March 15, 2000 Techno 60min
Da Goose June 14, 2001 Techno 74min
Damon Wild New York Sessions:  Volume 1 Techno 90min
Damon Wild The Synewave Sessions Techno 60min
Damon Wild Live @ Florida     3/24/97 Techno 60min
DJ Dan Beats 4 Freaks House 74min
DJ Dan Another Late Night House 74min
DJ Dan In Stereo House 74min
Dan Efex/Terry Mullan Live @ Inertia Techno/House 90min
Michael Dearborn DJ Promo # 1 Techno 60min
Michael Dearborn DJ Promo # 4 Techno 60min
Michael Dearborn DJ Promo # 5 Techno 60min
Michael Dearborn Don't Fuck With The DJ Techno 74min
Delta 9 Rage Hardcore 60min
Delta 9 Headcrash Hardcore 60min
the Dever worldlyMANNER Trance 90min
the Dever Trance Arsenal Trance 90min
the Dever King of New York 1 Trance 90min
Dionysos Gammak Base Techno 60min
Dionysos G-Forces Techno 60min
Matt Druid Asylum Techno 60min
Doctor Trance Preaching To The Perverted Trance 90min
D-Vance Enter The Darkness Hard Trance 90min
Dylan Drazen Live In Houston Hard Techno 90min
Dylan Drazen dd20  Live In Spain Hard Techno 90min
Dylan Drazen dd21 - High Heel Techno Techno 74min
Dylan Drazen dd22 - Caught In The Act Deep House 74min
Dylan Drazen The Matrix Hard Techno 90min
Dylan Drazen Entrance Hard Techno 90min
Dylan Drazen Level 1 Hard Techno 90min
Dylan Drazen Level 2 Hard Techno  90min
Dylan Drazen Perils Of Wisdom Hard Techno 90min
Dylan Drazen Bottom Hard House 90min
Dylan Drazen Underground Deep House 90min
Dylan Drazen Night-train To Berlin Ambient 90min
"Dynamic Dual" MINDtrip (Cesar G & Jonny Lexxs) Hard House 74min
Eric Q Earthling Quade Hard Techno 74min
Eric Q Techno Entertainment Techno 60min
Eric Q   The Message Techno 60min
Eric Q Untitled Techno 74min
Pat Egan Philosophy -  Part 2   Local 13 Techno 90min
DJ Flektone Mass Hysteria Hard House 60min
Fragrant Sense House/Trance 74min
Frankie Bones Factory 4 Hardcore 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 31 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 41 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 48 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 49 Trance 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 51 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 68 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 75 Techno 60min
Frankie Bones Factory 77 Trance 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 78 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 80 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Factory 101 Techno 60min
Frankie Bones Factory 202 Techno 74min
Frankie Bones Factory 303 Techno 74min
Frankie Bones Facroty Hardcore Hardcore 90min
Frankie Bones Tripswitch Hard-Trance 90min
Frankie Bones Define A Sonic Groove Techno 90min
Frankie Bones My All American Dream   1997 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Da Late Late Show Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Revolver Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Eastbound Underground Techno 90min
Frankie Bones  Interdance Techo 60min
Frankie Bones Caffeine Gold Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Caffeine Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Caffeine  NY Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Old School Hardcore Acid/Hardcore 60min
Frankie Bones Digital Hardcore 1997 Hardcore 90min
Frankie Bones Energy Force Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Live In San Fransisco Techno 60min
Frankie Bones Live @ Love Parade 1997 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Live @ Groove Theory Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Live From Japan Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Live At Get Freaky Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Live @ Motor Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Live @ Twilo Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Live @ Nasa Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Deliverance '94 Techno 90min
Frankie Bones Computer Controlled I:  Live In CA Techno 60min
Frankie Bones Computer Controlled II:  Live In CA Techno 60min
Frankie Bones Technolo-G Techno 60min
Frankie Bones Escape From Brooklyn Techno 60min
Frankie Bones United DJ's of America Techno 74min
Frankie Bones You Know My Name Techno 74min
Frankie Bones Untitled (recorded off internet 5/6/00--good quality) Funky House 60min
Frankie Bones/ Goodspeed Harpin On This Shit   1998 Techno 90min
Adam Freeland Live on DJ element Techno 90min
Gaetek Live @ Rocks Club  Portugal  5/99 Techno 90min
Gaetek Live @ HR3 Techno 74min
Greg Gain Electro 1.01 Electro 74min
Green Velvet Live @ Fuse Techno 90min
Green Velvet Live @ Space, Madrid pt1 Techno 60min
DJ Guido DJ Guido Live:  Tunnel South  Club 74min
Heather Heart Eastbound Underground 1 Techno 60min
Heiko Laux Live @ Fuse Techno 60min
DJ Hell Live @ Fuse Club   Bruxelles, Belgium  4/17/99 Techno 90min
Hipp-e & Halo live somewhere in colorado (2x90min) House 180min
Casey Hogan Sonic Underground House 90min
DJ Hyperactive Volume 9:  Warped Techno 60min
DJ Hyperactive Frequent Flyer Techno 90min
DJ Hyperactive Sounds of the Underground  Volume 1 Techno 90min
DJ Impact The Original Gabber Hardcore 60min
Intensmile Untitled (recorded off internet) 2/22/200 Tech-House 90min
Ryan Irwin Balance Trance 90min
Chris Jackson Life Vine @ The Refinery 12/99 Techno 90min
Jevic The Warrior Hard Trance 90min
Jevic Trance Warrior Hard Trance 90min
Joe Jack Returning Home From Marz Dark Trance 74min
Joe Jeep Techno Nation Techno 90min
Joe Jeep Live @ April Foolz 2 Hard Trance 90min
Kliprock Live @ Funky Monkey - 6/27/98 Techno 60min
Kookane Radio 2000 Acid  60min
Christopher Lawrence TRILOGY:  Part One:  Empire Trance 74min
Christopher Lawrence Rise Trance 90min
Cari Leckerbush Live @ Fuse Techno 90min
Chris Liberator WEMF  7/99 Acid 90min
Chris Liberator WEMF 2000 - Live in Toronto 6/10/00 Acid-Techno 60min
Chris Liberator Prolekulture '97 Acid 90min
Chris Liebing HR3 Clubnight   9/16/00         (2x90) Techno 180min
Chris Liebing & Umek Live @ U60311 "Schranz"-Frankfurt, Germany 10/5/99 Techno 60min
Chris Liebing & Pauli Live @ Club U60311 - Pitchcontrol Launch Party - 3-8-00 (2x74) Techno 140min
Chris Liebing & Tony Rios Live @ Omen 10/10/98 Techno 60min
Ben Long Live @ Scene, Belgium  5/15/99 Techno 90min
Derrick May Live @ Fuse   3-13-99 Techno 74min
DJ Micro Micro-Tech Mix Trance 74min
DJ Micro Micro-Tech Mix  Version 2.0 Trance 74min
DJ Micro Micro-Tech Mix  2000 Trance 74min
Jeff Mills NYE 2000 (Melborne) Techno 74min
Jeff Mills Live @ Doornroosje Techno 60min
Jeff Mills Live @ Liquid Room  Tokyo Techno 60min
Jeff Mills Fusion:  Live In Germany Techno 90min
Jeff Mills Live @ Student Bar   5/7/99 Techno 60min
Jeff Mills  &  Frankie Bones Live @ Panoramix, Paris  1999 Techno 90min
Mr. Nice Guy 2001 Techno 90min
Mr. Nice Guy & Joslin Music Techno 90min
Mr. Robb Novermber 13, 2000 Techno 90min
Terry Mullan "Lost in the Sound"  Mixed Not Stirred Volume II House 60min
Terry Mullan Speaker Phreaker House 74min
Terry Mullan New Skool Fusion 1  House 90min
Terry Mullan New Skool Fusion 2.5:  Control Phreak House 90min
Terry Mullan Building Blocks 2 Techno/House 60min
Terry Mullan Live from Kinetic House 90min
Terry Mullan Live @ Karma House 60min
Terry Mullan Live @ JuJu Beats 2K House 74min
Mumblz Eargazm Hardcore  90min
Mumblz Call It What You Want! Hardcore 90min
Michael Myers Tranquility Base Trance 90min
Mistress Barbara Relentless Beats Techno  74min
Nicky Fingers ????????????? Hardcore 90min
Nicky Fingers '99'  (bad quality) Hardcore  90min
Nostrum The Singles Collection Trance 47min
DJ Omar Santana Battle For Planet Of The Breaks Breaks 74min
Ozwald The Story Behind The Story Techno 74min
Punisher February 1999 Techno 90min
Ralphie "C" Welcome to New York Volume 1 Hard House 60min
Chris Reavey Technosis Techno 60min
Red Commi Bastard Act Of War Hard Techno 90min
Red Commi Bastard Tekno Manifesto Techno 90min
Nigel Richards Live @ Motor (11/13/99) House 60min
Nigel Richards Live In Tampa 9/98 Techno 90min
Nigel Richards Acid Frenzy 2 Acid 90min
Nigel Richards Rock Music Techno 90min
Nigel Richards Hands In The Air  Volume 1 Trance 90min
Nigel Richards Sex Techno 90min
Nigel Richards Hidden Sounds of Philly Techno 90min
Nigel Richards Sixeleven Mixseries  Volume 2 Techno 74min
Nigel Richards DJ MIX:  a commemorative mis for the whistle 3 party. House 74min
Nigel Richards March 25, 2000  (recorded off internet---good quality) House 90min
Round-N-Round Loop-D-Loop Techno 60min
Round-N-Round Indifference Techno  60min
Round-N-Round Live @ Columbia Street    12/10/00 Techno 90min
James Ruskin Live @ Fuse  7/31/99 Techno 90min
Kevin Saunderson Live @ Fuse Club  12/9/98 House 90min
Scottie "B" Gruvbox 125 House 74min
Ben Sims Live @ Action  Spain  9/10/99         (2x90) Techno 180min
Ben Sims Live @ Caravel Techno 74min
Speed Demon/Umek Warehouse Punishment Techno 60min
Steve Stoll Live @ Fuse Techno 90min
Surgeon Live @ Fuse - 10/9/99  (2x60) Techno 120min
Surgeon -vs- Neil Landstrum UK -vs- USA Techno 90min
Takkyo Ishino Untitled/Self Titled Techno 90min
Takkyo Ishino Berlin 1998 Techno 60min
Timo Maas Music For The Maases (2x60) House 120min
T-1000 Last DJ On Earth Techno 74min
T-1000 Live @ Boom Techno 90min
T-1000 Live @ Motor Techno 90min
T-1000 Live @ Sabotage, Belgium  1998 Techno 74min
Thee-O Organized Noise Techno 90min
Thee-O Live @ Aspire Trance 90min
Dj Trevor Escape 2001: A New Beginning Trance 60min
Umek Live @ Banus Techno 74min
Umek On Monoid Techno 60min
Steve Venom Inject The Tech Techno 90min
Venom Exit To Hard House Hard House 90min
Mark Verbos Green Works  (not mixed) Acid Techno 60min
Mark Verbos What It Has Come To Techno 90min
Mark Verbos Verbos Mix 1 Techno 60min
Mark Verbos Live in Spain 4-1-01 / Live PA, Berlin 2000 Techno 60min
World Domination DJ Work/DJ Rip/Nemesis/Delta 9 (2x60) Hard-House 120min
X-Dream Caffeine Gold Trance 90min
Various Artists MURUROA  Test 1  (14 tracks-Not Mixed) [Artists include: Frankie Bones, Omar Santana and more] Hardcore 74min
Various Artists Together As One (10 tracks-Not Mixed) [Artists include: Carl Cox, DJ Dan, Micro, AK1200, Frankie Bones, Christopher Lawrence and more] Techno/House 74min
Tom2 Steve Buscemi (not mixed) Various 60min
Tom2 Resinated (not mixed) Various 90min
Tom2 Hoopty Ride Techno/Trance 60min