Personal Web Site of Donald Arthur Kronos

Welcome to my web site. You may know me as TZ or TechnoZeus, or as Don or Donald, or maybe you don't know me at all. Regardless, you are welcome to explore the site. This is currently the least informative page on the site, so please don't judge the rest of the site by this page. :)

Pages on this web site:

Software Evaluations

Alternative Theism

Binary and Hexadecimal explained

Good vs. Evil

Crossing the Street

Blind Following or True Faith

Making Your Vote Count

A Better Naming System for Large Numbers

My Free Downloads Page

Some useful links to other sites

ixquick Expert Search

Webster's Rosetta Edition Dictionary

Official U.S. Time

How Stuff Works

I hope you find the information and links here useful. I had also included some personal information about myself on the site, but decided to remove it in favor of a simple web page that would load very quickly, because I figure if anyone really wants to know anything personal about me the best way is simply to get to know me.

Don Kronos.