Technical Pages

Technical Pages


Hi, my name is Dima Maltsev. I've been a consultant since 1994. My area of expertise is multi-tier client/server applications and Internet/Intranet based systems design and development using Microsoft and Java Technologies, database integration mainly with MS SQL Server.

For more than seven years of being in the hi-tech industry Iíve faced with a huge number of variety of problems. Itís quite exciting and interesting to overcome problems. Itís a fun. However, when you have a deadline rapidly approaching to you itís not a fun anymore. You need some help or idea to fix a bug.

Iíve decided to start writing small technical articles and simple tips about the problems Iíve recently solved. The tasks are not necessarily complex. But most of them were definitely of some interest to me and I spent some time on researching and making them done. I hope sharing my experience will help at least few people out there.


List of articles:


I am planning to add more tips/articles to this page as time permits.


Any comments are very welcome!
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