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Technology Park 2001, Springfield Missouri

Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Attention Citizens of Springfield and Southwest Missouri, Business Owners, Venture Capitalists, Angels, World Investors, We have a Positive Issue for you to get involved in! The Development of a TECHNOLOGY PARK in Springfield.


Letter to the Editor---Springfield News-Leader
Ballot Issue is about our Future
A grass roots group called technologyparks 2001 is working on gathering signatures to possibly put the development of a technology park on the ballot in the Springfield area. They have already secured over 4,000 signatures. Your paper reported a story last week that said the yearly city survey which just came out says 90% of the respondents wanted the city to encourage businesses to expand or bring new jobs to town. My understanding is that technology parks do research and development, job training, and attract technology companies. Tying together education with good job creation would be a good thing for today and tomorrow. “This is about diversifying our economy in southwest Missouri and staying up with the times” says Steven Reed, Area Organizer.

Anita Ball
1672 E. Meadowmere
Springfield, MO 65804

We have over 4,000 signatures which is over the amount needed to get on the ballot in Springfield. We are working on more gathering signatures.

State Senator Doyle Childers says that for years the colleges and universities of the area have talked about working together---this is the kind of magnet that could help that happen.

  • Central Location
    Our central location in the United States makes Technology Parks a natural for the area.
  • Talent Galore
    Springfield Missouri has a metro area including over 120,000 people and the southwest Missouri area includes over 500,000 people.
  • World Renowned Colleges and Universities
    We have many world renowned Colleges and Universities including: College of the Ozarks, Southwest Missouri State University, Drury, Evangel, and others.
We need stable, better paying jobs in our area and that is why actions are underway to put the development of a "Technology Park" on the ballot in Springfield.

We have over 1,700 signatures which is the amount needed to get on the ballot in Springfield. We are working on gathering signatures up until July 4, 2000.

This is a very positive issue which you will be proud to be involved in.


Technology parks called “INCUBATORS” are when educational groups which help set them up partnership with corporations for job creation, job training, research and development, etc. A Technology Park could be so important. It could help with job training and creating jobs of the future; while doing research and development.

Medical, Environmental, Electronics, Bio-Tech and Communications are some of the areas companies are involved in. This will benefit people of all ages. Some local supporters have already suggested a possible area of study for the Park could include: the water shed and Eco system, and environmental impact of sustainability of the Ozarks with the tourism and growth of southwest Missouri.

There are around 200 of these successful parks either existing or being developed worldwide. Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina (reported to be a good job-goldmine) which generates money for all people in the economy.

Springfield leads the way in job creation in our area. Cities like: Ozark, Nixa, Willard, Ash Grove, Republic, Billings and other do not have the staff, time, or money to create jobs. Furthermore: so many young people leave this area because we do not have enough good jobs for our college graduates.

A few web site examples of successful Technology Parks
  • The 7,000-acre Research Triangle Park in North Carolina is the largest research park in the United States, and is home to 136 organizations. RTP has over 43,000 full-time employees entering the Park each day. Recognized internationally as a center for cutting-edge research and development, the Park is owned and developed by the private, not-for-profit Research Triangle Foundation. The Research Triangle itself is named for the Triangle formed by the three universities: Duke University at Durham, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University in Raleigh.
  • The Aberdeen Science and Technology Park in the UK has 750 full time employees and 53 tenants which average 15 employees or more.
  • William's Ridge Technology Park in Nevada.
  • UNM Maui High Performance Computing Center The Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC)in Hawaii is a national supercomputing center established in 1993 by the University of New Mexico under a Cooperative Agreement with the Air Force Research Laboratory. A leader in scalable parallel computing, MHPCC supports a base of 1,200 users from Department of Defense (DoD), government, commercial, and academic organizations.
  • Long Island High Technology Incubator in New York has 24 companies which call the Incubator home, with seven in campus space, and six in our highly successful "Incubator Without Walls" program.
  • Davis Technology Campus in Davis, California is a proposed Park with an intelligent and progressive concept that can support the long-range social and economic goals of the Davis community. They list the following benefits:
    • Economic Vitality Davis Technology Campus can respond to the city's expressed desire to improve its commercial tax base. It can also strengthen the economic position of Yolo county.
    • Education Enrichment The Davis Technology Campus can promote UC Davis and its research and development accomplishments through partnerships with industry.
    • Community Well-being DTC can provide expanding businesses with a campus for biotechnology, computer software, ancillary health care services and other environmentally sensitive industries. These industries have already demonstrated their ability to contribute to the quality of life in Davis.
    • Employment Balance Davis Technology Campus can provide local high-wage employment opportunities appropriate for an educated community. It can open the door to greater job diversification.
    • International Impact DTC can welcome worldwide, technology industries that are respected not only for their innovations, but also for conducting environmentally-conscious manufacturing activities.
  • Sheffield Science & Technology Parks in the UK.
  • SwedePark in Sweden. The organization supports ventures within knowledge-based and high-tech businesses. New technology generates new jobs. Important dynamic effects of new companies and job opportunities created in the parks have spread to the whole Swedish industry.
  • Bemidji Technology Park in Minnesota. As a cooperative effort between Paul Bunyan Telephone and Beltrami Electric Cooperative, two independent utility companies with a commitment to technology and northern Minnesota, Bemidji Technology Park tenants have access to the latest technologies available.
  • more to come...


1. We need a Think Tank to help develop our Campaign.
  • Craig Hosmer, State Representative, says "I agree it is a worthwhile project."
  • Gary Gibson, Mayor Pro Tem of Springfield, says "We need high-tech companies to come to the area to diversify the economy."
  • Elise Crain of Ozark is one of our supporters and she thinks this would be a big plus for the area.
  • Paul W. Roberts, the President of FocusTech who works with Microsoft as a Certified Solutions Provider at Chesterfield Village says "A technology park would create obvious benefits for a company such as Focus Tech."
  • In a recent News-Leader story about Way2Bid, one of the operators, who used to live in Silicon Valley, stated "We have MORE talent in THIS area."
  • We have talked with a company called Aristotle, which will, for a minimum of $5,000, put streamers on all websites of Springfield voters. They have handled Gore, Bush and McCain campaigns.

2. The initial success of Technology Parks 2001 is dependent on communication. Getting the word out, getting citizens involved, getting businesses and higher education involved and excited about this positive issue. To this end we are developing a web site and are asking for donations to help with the initial production.

We have a goal of raising $5,000 to create a web site with impact. It will include purchase of an internet address, online databases which will make it easy for interested people to sign up to volunteer, join our supporter list, subscribe to a weekly email newsletter, or even make a monetary donation online. Our web site will also include an area for the latest news which will communicate progess in the most timely fashion, calendar with timeline for planned and future campaign items, supporter lists, links to successful Technology Parks in other areas of the country, and a Think Tank forum for new ideas. It also includes the ability to email everyone in the subscriber database to further ongoing communication.


This is the kind of issue that will never see the light of day unless it is forced onto the Public Debate Table.
It is a Futuristic Project---It is about Diversifying Our Economy!

Many older people sign this petition ahead of the younger people because they know it is about the future of the young people. It is about creating an economy and employment along with education and research to help create a better life for many of the people who will be coming up and people of today.

Anyone wanting to help with the Campaign should call 417-724-2330 We need general help with the campaign and its development. Join the Think Tank, which will be doing research---TODAY!

Anyone wanting to volunteer help can e-mail Steven Lloyd Reed. We are also working on fund raising. Checks can be made out to Technology Parks 2001. Invest funds for the campaign---get in on the ground floor.

Monetary donations can be made out to Technology Parks 2001 for any amount ($10, $50, $1,000) and mailed to 101 S. Rice #16, Nixa MO 65714. Membership dues for one year are $10.

Thanks for visiting. Please come again.
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Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001
Technology Park 2001