Tyrus Ellis Cobb, III
Family Photo Album
Tyrus Ellis Cobb, III is 1st born child of Tyrus Ellis, Jr and Jacqueline Cobb.   Ty graduated from Acadiana High School and joined the US Air Force.   He returned from the Air Force and graduated from University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA.  Ty has 4 children:  Erin Theresa Cobb, Rebecca "Becky" Denise Cobb, Lindsey Rae Cobb Fitzgerald and Tyrus  "Rusty" Ellis Cobb IV.  Ty is married to Cathy Smith and they live in Milton, LA.  He is an Electrical Engineer.
Tyrus Ellis Cobb, III 4 Mos 
Ty 1st Grade
Daddy Car Do It!
Ty, Cindy and Jeff
The Cobb children
l to r:  Dwayne, Jeff, Cindy and Ty
Ty 1st Communion
Cobb Kids and Teetnan
l to r:  Dwayne, Cindy, Teetnan holding Mitchell, Ty, Jeff
Cobb Kids and Dad, camping
Cobb Florida Vacation
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"Augie" Ty III
Ty and Cindy
Ty at 6 mos