Tyrus Ellis Cobb, Jr. Photo Album
Volume 3, Page 1
Tyrus Ellis Cobb, Jr is 1st born son of Tyrus Ellis Cobb (Sr) and Adelia Bordelon Cobb.  He was raised in Pineville, LA.  Ty married Jackie and they have 5 children. Ty was in the  U.S. Naval Reserves and retired from  Exxon, Chief of Refinery Security. This is his Photo Album and these are his early years.
Tyrus Ellis Cobb, Jr. - 6 months old
Tyrus Ellis Cobb, Jr.
Jacqueline Guillot
Jean Wilson and Tyrus Ellis Cobb, Jr.
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Ty Jr and cousin Jean
Ty and Jackie
Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb
Ty Graduation
Pineville, LA
Jacqueline Guillot
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