Jeffrey Wayne Cobb
Family Photo Album
Volume 2
Jeffrey Wayne Cobb
US Marines
Jeff Cobb
Cobb Family with Teetnan
l to r: Dwayne, Cindy, Teetnan holding Mitch, Ty , Jeff
Cobb Family Christmas  at Cindy's House in St. Gabriel, LA
Cobb Children
(l to r) Ty III, Cindy, Jeff
Cobb Kids
l to r Dwayne, Jeff, Cindy, Ty
Jeff Cobb
Cobb Family: l to r Ty Jr, Jeff, Cindy, Jackie, Dwayne
l to r back:  Mitch, Ty III
Jeff Cobb
l to r: Jeff, Cindy, Ty
Jeffrey Wayne Cobb, son of Tyrus Ellis Cobb Jr and Jacqueline Guillot.Jeff was raised in Lafayayette, LA and was voted Most Valuable Player in Baseball as Catcher in Grammer School. 

Jeff attended Acadiana High School in Lafayette, LA.  Jeff was in Junior Achievement for 3 years.  He was an officer and the company that won Company of the Year 2 years in a row.

Jeff was in the US Marines and graduated from Boot Camp as PFC (Private First Class) with  honors.  He was promoted to Lance Corporal shortly after that.  Jeff was a boxer in the Marines and was undefeated in the Lightweight Division.

Jeff plays the guitar and sings.  He used to play in Clubs in Alaska, while in the Marine Corps. He was assigned to the Navy Base at Adak in the Aleutian Islands north of Alaska, in Security.

Jeff is a retired Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic.  Jeff still plays the guitar and sings.  He played Stairway to Heaven at Teetnan's Funeral, it was one of her favorite songs, she used to ask him to play it for her all the time.
Julie, Blaine and Jeff at Donald's Thanksgiving, Lafayette, LA
l to r Dwayne, Cindy, Ty, Mitch
back Jeff
Dwayne, Josh, Jeremy, Ty Cobb Jr, Jeff
back: Mitch, Ty III (missing Rusty)
l to r: Mitch, Cindy, Jeff, Dwayne, Ty
Jeff and Ty, Vacation
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- song playing is Neil Young "Heart of Gold"
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