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Welcome to my home page !!  I am pretty new to this web page thing, so please "BEAR" with me (hahahahaha ...
yes, I did intend that little pun !!!!). I am a bit of a clown ... ok, I am a
BIG  CLOWN !!!! But, I like to have FUN !!!!
I am a 49yr. old causasian woman in SW Ohio. I am 5'7" tall & I am a "queen size" lady with a lot to give. I have reddish / blonde hair & big  brown eyes. My zodiac sign is "ARIES"... so I am very passionate about things. I am an ONLY child & my wonderful father is the only one I
have left to love since my mother died in 1992. I only have one child...& my daughter made me a grandma  twice. I have a new hubby that I love dearly. I love animals ... I have 2 cats inside ... my kids !!!!!
My interests are varied: I LOVE music (prefer country) of all kinds & I love to sing karaoke (I am a karaoke hostess/DJ). I love to play pool,& darts,& I used to love to bowl. I enjoy sewing & doing crafts. I love swimming, dancing,dining out,movies. I LOVE photography / videography ( I am a wedding coordinator). ETC. ETC. ETC. Mostly, I really enjoy cuddling with someone special ... a real live "TEDDY
BEAR"... I think I have finally found one ...we got  married July 6th ,2002!!!!!!
EMail Me: teddy_bear_lover2001@yahoo.com
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