I have been raising Teddy cavys for four years now and Netherland Dwarfs for three years. I have done pretty well with cavies on the show table so far. I have a broken color boar that has won 8 legs. I now have very promising animals from him that keep producing nice STOCK! Thanks to some breeders in my area, I now have my first pair of broken dwarfs! If you are interested in any offsprings please e-mail me, thank you.  I hope you like my site!
Welcome to my caviary and rabbitry website! I am located in the Pacific  Northwest. I am doing very good with my dwarfs. I have had lots of my kits win legs when they are Seniors but not when they are little.  You see I have a slow maturing line and my rabbits usually will not grow into themselfs before they are Seniors. My line is out of DADS Rabbitry, Kootenays Rabbitry, Spragues Rabbitry, Savage Rabbitry, TT Rabbitry and Flocks Rabbitry
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I am working on putting a Netherland Dwarf color chart on my site! Thanks to some request & Thanks to some breeders that have helped me get color pictures that I need:-)
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Big Herd Reduction SALE!! on both Cavies & Rabbits. Lots of Brood stock as well as new young Showing/Brood stock! Email me for more info and for the list of whats For Sale! All have PEDIGREES!! TeddyBlossomAcres@yahoo.com