h u g g y b e a r

  boy fuckin' rock

what karren ablate (of Ablaze! fame) had to say about them: "Unbounded energy. Soul, nerve, guts, Like Jo announced 'With my gang i can do anything,' I see them and i know it's true. Threats of violence. Tenderness. Jealousy. Sexual and emotional waywardness. All those things you wanted to do but was too damn wise to... Being real, being too real (but not for real- they use markers, not knives. These kids are practical adaptationists). Huggy Bear knows how to use machines- that means they know when to switch them off. They know about tunes too, thank the bitch that is god- otherwise none of this would make sense. They know about rhythm and they know about vibes and they know about love, hate, all that shit."

m e m b e r s

click the member to read qoutes by them from the book GRRRLS by Amy Raphael.

a review of them that's pretty cute.

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a few lyrics

CDnow has sound files

kill rock stars has great info too


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